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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Are you Experiencing Colorado’s Worst Commute?…  

traffic congestion | where is Colorado's worst commute? Every day, thousands of Colorado drivers commute to and from work and school. While some drivers only spend 15 minutes en route to their destination, others spend over an hour commuting in traffic. Where you live – and where you work – determines how horrific your daily commute is. Unfortunately, Colorado has some of the worst cities for commuting in the nation. In a recent study, NerdWallet has determined the worst Colorado cities for commuting. The personal finance information service compiled information about average commuting time, average insurance premiums, fuel prices, accessibility of public transportation, and whether drivers carpool. (more…)

Which Cars Make People Happiest?…  

Pretty girl in a car | Which Cars Make People Happiest?There is nothing quite like buying a new car and driving it off the lot. Even the purchase of a car that is not "new" but simply "new to you" can be thrilling. But what is it about that new car that makes drivers so happy? Is it the color of the car? Is it the horsepower? Or is it the entertainment package? Well, according to J.D. Power, it could be the modern safety technologies available in vehicles today. (more…)
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