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Monthly Archives: December 2015

What Are The 5 Worst American Highways?…  

red car in ditch next to road | worst American highwaysWhat makes a road dangerous? Is it riddled with potholes; does it have poorly marked signs and dangerous blind curves; or is it always under construction?

Unfortunately, bridges, city streets, and highways all over the country are in a state of disrepair. And with Congress struggling to allocate money to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent, it is American drivers who ultimately pay the price. In fact, it is estimated that poorly maintained roads cost motorists hundreds of dollars annually in additional vehicle maintenance costs, not to mention increased risk of getting into a car accident. (more…)

Preventing Car Accidents during the Snowy Holidays…  

Motion Blur of Car Driving Down Snow Covered Road | Preventing Car Accidents during the Snowy Holidays Those in the state of Colorado are probably well-used to driving in snowy and icy weather. During the holiday season, however, there are likely to be many drivers coming to the state or traveling through the state who are not as practiced in driving in inclement winter weather. Even those who are used to driving on snow-packed roadways might want to consider a few “refreshers” on avoiding and preventing car accidents when wintry weather appears and holiday travelers increase the number of vehicles on the roadways. Following are some helpful hints to make your holiday travel safer for yourself as well as other drivers. (more…)