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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Safe Spring Driving in Colorado…  

spring-road-hands-on-wheel-sm | Safe Spring Driving in ColoradoWith an early spring gracing most locations across the United States, many drivers will be happy they no longer have to drive in snow and ice. In fact, rising temperatures and melting snow could convince many drivers to get out and go for a drive. Whether you are simply out running errands you have put off, or are taking a well-needed road-trip to relax and have some fun, it is important to realize that there are some tips required for safe spring driving in Colorado, as well as for safe winter driving. There is a good chance there will be some after-effects from winter’s harsh weather, so consider the following tips: (more…)

Car Accidents and Fibromyalgia – What’…  

teenager-with-whiplash-sm | Car Accidents and Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is described by the Mayo Clinic as a disorder marked by pervasive musculoskeletal pain in conjunction with fatigue, memory, mood, and sleep issues. Fibromyalgia affects almost 6 million Americans and is believed by experts to intensify painful sensations by altering the method in which the brain analyzes pain signals. While symptoms can sometimes build up gradually over time in the absence of a single pivotal incident, they typically begin after a physically traumatic event, such as surgery, infection, or accident. Significant psychological stress can also bring on symptoms of fibromyalgia. (more…)