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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Using Social Media After an Accident…  

Hand touching tablet pc, social media concept Most all Americans, no matter their age or level of technological skills, have at least dabbled in some form of social media. Whether keeping up with family and friends on Facebook, posting photos on Instagram or Snapchat, or sending Twitter updates, social media can be a good way to share moments of your life with others. If you are involved in a personal injury case, however, using social media after an accident may end up costing you money—or even your entire case. (more…)

GPS Related Car Accidents…  

GPS navigation system in a traveling car | GPS Related Car Accidents Perhaps you’ve recently heard a story on the news about a person who faithfully followed their GPS instructions only to find themselves in the middle of nowhere, stuck on a median after being told to make a U-turn, or even floating in a lake. You might have even chuckled to yourself about how ridiculous it seems for a person to let GPS instructions override their common sense. Unfortunately, there are many more GPS related car accidents that we hear about; your GPS can leave you stranded, involved in a serious accident and, in extreme cases, even dead. (more…)