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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Does Tensing up Before an Accident Help or Hurt?…  

man and woman in Tensing up Before an AccidentMost of us have heard both sides of the debate as to whether tensing up before an accident will help or hurt, but few of us have heard any real research to back up opinions. Further, you may also have heard that the inebriated person in a car accident usually comes out better as far as injuries, because he or she does not tense up or brace. So which is it—do you brace for impact, or let your body go limp? (more…)

New Study: Programming a Navigation System While D…  

Close-up Of Female's Hand Programming a Navigation System While DrivingAlthough most of us believe the most dangerous distraction is a cell phone—programming a navigation system while drivingwhether talking or texting—there are a whole gamut of built-in features in new cars which are so distracting, they should not be enabled while the vehicle is moving. Psychology professor David Strayer with the University of Utah has extensively studied built-in car features such as SatNav, radios, MP3 players as well as cell phones and messaging devices.(more…)
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