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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Colorado’s Vision Zero Traffic Fatality Plan…  

black and white photo of car with smashed front end | Colorado’s Vision Zero Traffic Fatality PlanThe city of Boulder typically has more than 3,000 traffic collisions a year, with those collisions resulting in an average of 60 serious injuries and seven to ten fatalities. When an auto accident occurs, lives are often derailed—a death from an auto accident takes a loved one away from his or her family, cutting short a life, while a serious injury can prevent the injured person from returning to work, making a living, or even living a life that is remotely close to what it was prior to the accident. (more…)

Was the Amtrak Accident Another Case of Distracted…  

In December, a deadly train accident occurred in Washington state and authorities are looking into whether or not the train engineer was distracted at the time of the crash. Three people were killed in the crash, and all of the crew members were injured severely enough to be hospitalized. Investigators have said that the train was speeding at 80mph and that the conductor was also in the cab with the engineer. Was the Amtrak accident another case of distracted driving? (more…)