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Monthly Archives: April 2018

The Dangers of Speeding Outlined in New Study…  

driver side view mirror of speeding car | the dangers of speedingAfter studying the dangers of speeding, the National Transportation Safety Board recently issued a report, meant to serve as a reminder to drivers, to slow down. According to the report, as much as a third of all traffic deaths over the past ten years involved drivers exceeding the speed limit either by driving faster than the posted limit or by driving faster than the weather or road conditions warranted. The biggest issue with speeding is that the time the driver has to react to a surprise lengthens the distance needed to stop, thereby increasing the chance of a collision. (more…)

Life Saving Auto Safety Tech Decreases Accidents 1…  

cars on the freeway with lane sensors | Life Saving Auto Safety TechBoth blind spot detection technology and lane departure warning technology have shown themselves to be highly effective as far as preventing drivers from leaving their designated lane, and, as a result, lowering the accident rate. In fact, according to the NY Daily News, lane departure warning systems have decreased accident rates by 11 percent or more, while blind spot monitoring has done even better, cutting accident rates by 14 percent. These numbers were gleaned from studies done by the IIHS, who sifted through law enforcement reports from 25 states to find accidents which occurred between 2009 and 2015, involving vehicles which came with this life saving auto safety technology. (more…)
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