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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Is Colorado the Worst State for Driving?…  

cars driving on a highway, raining | colorado the worst state for drivingColorado commutes can be painful and long. Gridlock traffic into and out of cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, and Arvada increases the number of car accidents that occur. In fact, traffic congestion costs the average driver over $1,400 per year in excess gasoline and traffic accidents. Yet, how is Colorado driving compared to other cities in the United States? Do we have the worst commutes or the best? And are we falling behind? (more…)

Colorado Severely Lacking Numerous Road Safety Law…  

two automobiles collided | Colorado road safety lawDid you know that a fifth of all states are dangerously behind when it comes to implementing basic road safety laws? Even more astonishing is that every single state has work to do when it comes to keeping drivers and passengers safe from sustaining serious and life-threatening injuries. In fact 406 laws were needed in all 50 states to improve safety on the road. Only six states were given the green light in safety and Colorado was not one of them. Learn more about Colorado road safety laws below. (more…)
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