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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Who is Responsible for Damages After an Accident?…  

driver covering his face in frustration | driver liability for car accidentThere are many factors considered important for determining who is responsible for damages that occur to property, and/or injuries that are sustained by an individual, in an accident. For example, imagine a motor vehicle driver is seriously injured when another driver cuts in front of him/her, after turning onto the street.  The second driver may be found to be responsible if he/she was driving their vehicle at a high rate of speed, or if they made an illegal lane change before the accident. The driver responsible for paying for the damages caused by the accident in this case, is influenced by whether or not the second driver violated a statute, not necessarily by the common law definition of “fault”. Learn more about driver liability for car accident below. (more…)

Questions are Common After a Tragedy…  

a close up photo of roses in cemetery grounds | frequently asked questions about wrongful deathMany people struggle to understand why wrongful death lawsuits exist. After all, no one can bring back someone who passes, and sometimes we hear about wrongful death suits being filed in cases where someone also faced criminal charges. So why do they exist? What is the purpose? Here are some of our answers to the frequently asked questions about wrongful death. (more…)
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