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Drugs and Their Impact on Driving Accidents…  

Drugs and Their Impact on Driving Accidents We hear a lot about the negative outcomes that occur due to drunk driving, but not as much about the very real impact of driving while under the influence of drugs, both legal prescription medication and illegal narcotics.  With Colorado being one of the first states to legalize marijuana use, this is becoming a more significant, problematic issue here. Finding out the exact numbers associated with drug-impaired drivers has proven difficult. However, we can tell you that the problem is significant and just like drunk driving, it isn’t going anywhere. (more…)

Injured in a Rental Car Accident? Now What?…  

Sad man having car trouble on the country road. With any car collision there is a certain protocol you must follow, however if you were driving a rental car at the time of the accident, you will likely have a few more steps to take care of. It can be very traumatic to be involved in an automobile accident when you are in an unfamiliar city, driving an unfamiliar car, and most likely on vacation. Following the accident, you must first see to any injuries which drivers or passengers sustained. If anyone needs to go to the hospital, make sure they receive appropriate medical treatment. Many times people don’t think they are hurt as badly as they really are, due to the adrenaline which floods their body at the time of the accident. This adrenaline can mask pain and other symptoms of injury, then later on the person realizes the full extent of their injuries. Many people are also hesitant to go to an unfamiliar hospital, so they tell themselves (and others) they are fine. (more…)
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