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“Alex was amazing in handling my disability case. It was a long process but he did everything to perfection, and was very respected and recognized at my hearing. I would recommend Hull and Zimmerman above all others. Thank you again!!!!!!”

Matt C.

“Rick is a professional through and through! He was able to get immediate results from my insurance company when our car was totaled by a major delivery company truck. We had gotten very little assistance from our insurance provider all though the other party was 100 percent at fault. Six weeks into dealing with the insurance company on something we thought would be simple, we were at a standstill- no car and no end in sight. We finally reached out to Rick! My biggest mistake was not calling Rick day one! He is thoughtful, professional, and he and his staff followed through with us even on the smallest of details. I can’t say enough about the quality of services received. Rick had the entire matter resolved in less than a week. Thank you Mr. Hull!”

Julie J.

“This 5 star rating is not from hiring Rick Hull. I want to be clear on that. This 5 star rating is because Rick Hull spent 40 minutes with me on the phone today (obviously not paid) walked me through what happened with my accident and told me the truth which was hiring him or anyone else, would cause me more financial issues than I’m already in after being rear ended in February. After being taken advantage of from a treatment center just racking up bills from the car accident and having struggles with the third party adjuster that already took responsibility but giving me grief of 5 and a half months of treatment they seem is unnecessary, a sigh of relief was given from speaking to Rick. Rick not only took the time to talk to me, but he also guided me on what he suggests to do moving forward, gave me referrals for treatment centers as I’m still in pain, but most importantly he didn’t promise me he could win me a ton of money but actually told me I’m better not hiring someone and paying them a percentage as a fair settlement will be an issue enough for me to come out on top. Rick could of taken my case and my money from the settlement but didn’t. I firmly believe that if he provided exceptional honest service in just a free consultation, he will do an amazing job for anyone who chooses to hire him. Hopefully I will never be in a car accident that has caused me so much grief but if I am, Rick will be the first person I call. If you want an honest approach and security on talking to an honest attorney, contact Rick.”

Abby R.

“I was injured in a fall and the nightmare began. I found Mike Zimmerman on the internet, read his background history and contacted his office. The office staff was wonderful, patient, and helpful, even though I was probably a pain to them. Mike is a no nonsense kind of guy. He will tell you exactly what he feels about your case and will not sugar coat it. You will know exactly what to expect and I appreciated the honesty! I would recommend Mike to anyone who has their life spinning out of control because of an accident. He help me get my life back.”

“Thank you so much”

Mary T.

“Working through divorce and custody issues is an extremely difficult and emotionally trying experience. Mike Zimmerman represented my interest in a highly professional manner and protected my rights as a parent at a level that exceeded my highest expectations. This firm’s expertise, ability and professionalism earned my respect as well as my continued business for any legal issues I encounter in the future.”

Michael D.

“We came across mike Zimmerman when we were involved in an accident awhile back, we had been negotiating with the insurance company for some time and getting nowhere with a settlement. Never knowing Mike Zimmerman when we had gone and seen him it really surprised us that he made us feel right at home and that he was really concerned for his clients. Mike was very upfront with us a our lawyer, and advised us every step of the way. His associates were very professional and office personnel was very friendly also. Mike got almost double the settlement we were expecting and we just were very satisfied and would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a good honest lawyer.”

Clarencec & Joy W.

“We were hit by an uninsured driver in 2006 and my husband was unable to work for some time. Initially our own insurance really didn’t want to help us. On the recommendation of a friend, we contacted Mr. Z and with his advice, suggestions and hard work, we were able to get the what we needed from our insurance to help us with our bills and medical costs. His staff was very patient with us as well and was always available to reassure us and to answer our questions. We hope nothing like this ever happens again, but if it was to happen, we would contact Mr Zimmerman in a heart beat.”

G. & B O.

“Rick – Smart and nice! We were nervous and Rick put us at ease. Kept us informed. Never thought we made a bad choice. Also, the first time I called, I talked to Rick…impressed us very much.”

D. & S. Bratrovsky

“Exceeded expectations!”

T. Thiel

“I liked the fact that I was kept up to date throughout the process. When the accident first happened, Rick went to bat for me right away to make sure that I was compensated for my loss of transportation. The end result in my case exceeded my expectations and I was very pleased.”

D. Hughley

“I appreciated the effort Rick Hull presented during the difficulties that occurred throughout the settlement and following. I felt completely at ease during the whole process.”

Michele Wolf

“I appreciated the fact that Rick Hull always explained everything to me. No matter how insignificant I thought the question was, he encouraged me to ask and was very patient when I didn’t understand some aspect of the legal procedures. I also appreciated the fact that Rick was a real person, he wasn’t stiff or unapproachable. He was easy to talk to, to understand, and get along with. In addition, he explained certain aspects of Colorado law thoroughly to me so that I could make an informed decision that best suited my needs.”

P. Gore

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At Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., we are honored to help accident victims in their time of need, and take our responsibility as personal injury lawyers incredibly seriously. We know how important it is for victims to secure the full and fair compensation they need following a serious accident, and that is why we take a hands-on, personalized approach to every case we handle.

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