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commercial truck damaged by fire | Arvada Trucking Accidents10 Common Causes of Trucking Accidents in Arvada

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,761 people were killed in large commercial trucking accidents in 2017. This represented a 9% increase from 2016. In Colorado, commercial trucks were responsible for 9.2% of the state’s motor vehicle fatalities. Sadly, many of these accidents could’ve been prevented with extra caution and care.

While a trucking accident can occur at anytime and for any reason, there are some more common causes of trucking accidents. In fact, the top 10 causes of trucking accidents include:

    • Truck driver fatigue – while federal regulations have helped, driver fatigue is still responsible for 13% of all trucking accidents
    • Speeding – speeding is the reason for more than 23% of all crashes. The greater the speed, the more devastating the crash.
    • Inexperienced – inexperienced drivers make errors while on the road and in emergency situations. They may not know how to maneuver out of danger or avoid crashes in inclement weather.
    • Drug use – drug use is one of the main causes of crashes with more than 30% of all accidents being caused by illicit, prescription, or OTC medication use.
    • Road rage – truck drivers aren’t immune to experiencing moments of road rage. In fact, documented road rage contributes to more than 7% of all crashes.
    • Failure to check blind spots – trucks have large blind spots and drivers who fail to check these blind spots can cause horrific crashes. In fact, 14% of accidents at least one cause was failure to check blind spots.
    • Illegal driving maneuvers – truckers who are trying to make tight deadlines or who are driving fatigued may engage in illegal maneuvers, such as making a u-turn or failing to use their turn signal.
    • Distracted driving – distractions can be deadly when driving an 80,000 pound commercial truck. Cell phone usage, texting, and other distracted driving behaviors have led to horrific and deadly trucking accidents.
    • Poorly maintained trucks – trucking companies have a responsibility to maintain their trucks properly. Unfortunately, in an attempt to save money, many trucking companies routinely fail to change brake pads, maintain tires, and fill fluids.
    • Alcohol intoxication – driving drunk or buzzed is deadly when you’re behind the wheel of a large big rig or semi-truck. 3% of fatal trucking accidents were caused by truckers with BAC levels of 0.08 or higher.

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