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young woman holding her head experiencing Dizziness after a Car AccidentCar accidents can result in serious injury to those involved. From brain injuries to soft tissue injuries, car accident victims can find themselves facing a long road to recovery. Some injuries are recognizable quickly after an accident and result in immediate emergency care. Other injuries can take days and even weeks to become fully apparent. One symptom that should not be overlooked, however, is dizziness. Dizziness after a car accident can signify serious injury and if left untreated it could even escalate into a life-threatening condition. If you or a loved one experience dizziness after having been involved in an accident, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible, and to then contact an Arvada car accident attorney for legal advice.

Dizziness Due to Neck Damage

The most frequent cause of dizziness after a car accident is due to neck damage. Your spinal cord contains nerves that tell your brain where your body is located. When you close your eyes or are in the dark, these nerves help keep your body balanced. When your neck or spinal cord is damaged, those nerves can be destroyed or compromised, leading to dizziness or vertigo. Spinal cord damage could be mild, such as muscle strain, or it could be more severe, such as a herniated disc or spinal cord fracture.

Dizziness Due to Inner Ear Trauma

Another cause of dizziness after a car accident is associated with violent movement of the head and neck. When the head is whipped around during a car accident, tiny inner ear calcium crystals can become dislodged from their normal locations. These crystals help your brain determine the position of your head and when they are compromised, severe vertigo can occur. If the dizziness you experience occurs more often when you move your head and neck around, it may be indicative of paroxysmal positional vertigo and a physician can help maneuver the crystals back into their normal position.

Dizziness Due to Brain Injury

Sometimes the cause of dizziness is more severe and stems from a brain injury. If your head struck the steering wheel or was whipped around violently in the collision, you could have sustained a traumatic brain injury. Symptoms of a brain injury often include dizziness and confusion. As such, if you experience these symptoms it is important to seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

Dizziness Due to Vascular Injury

Sometimes dizziness is caused by damage to the blood vessels in the neck. This can cause restricted blood flow to the brain and often starts as a pain in the back of the head that worsens over time. If you experience this symptom and dizziness, it is important to seek medical help quickly as this is a very serious condition.

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