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According to The Denver Post a cyclist was hit on his bike in Vail. The driver rear ended the cyclist then drove off. The cyclist was headed east bound when a black Mercedes Benz hit the biker. The driver did not stop but sped off. Police tracked him down and charged him. After appearing in court the driver was not given a felony charge for a hit and run but rather a misdemeanor charge. The cyclist suffered spinal cord injuries, bleeding from his brain and damage to his knee and scapula.

The US Department of Transportation reported that in 1999, most recent date of data, there were 750 cyclist fatalities. Biking fatalities account for 2% of all traffic fatalities. There were also approximately 51,000 injuries to bicyclists. Most of these accidents are associated with accidents caused by a negligent driver. Bicyclists injuries account for 2% of traffic injuries.

The University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center compiled a list of what causes bike accidents:

  • Motorists making left turns in front of bikes, when coming from the opposite direction
  • Motorists misjudging the distance from a bicyclist when trying to pass the biker
  • Bicyclists making left turns in front of motor vehicles
  • Motorists violating a sign and not yielding at crosswalks

This is not an exhaustive list of reasons why bicycle accidents with cars occur. So it is stressed that both motor vehicles and bicyclists yield to traffic laws. The law states that a bicycle on the road is considered a vehicle.

Riding a bicycle can be a great joy in many people’s days. It is a great reprieve from the stress of commuting in a car. Colorado is a very popular state that has lots of open space and trails to enjoy. Biking allows a rider to enjoy the natural elements when traveling. This freedom to the elements is part of what attracts bike riders to this mode of transportation, but also makes a bicyclist very vulnerable when involved in an accident.

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