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Broomfield Burn Injury Attorneys

car on fire in the street | Burn Injuries after a Car Accident | Broomfield Burn Injury AttorneysWhen most people think of car accident injuries, they don’t consider burn injuries. Yet burn injuries after a car accident can cause serious and permanent disfiguration, even death. More than 450,000 Americans are treated for burns every single year and up to 15% of those burns are a result of an automobile accident. Of the 3400 deaths caused by burns every single year, 300 are from a vehicle crash fire. Vehicle crash fires are extremely dangerous and there’s always the risk of explosion that can injure bystanders as well. If you or a loved on have been burned in an accident caused by a negligent driver, our Broomfield burn injury attorneys can help.

Types of Burn Injuries

The severity of the burn injury depends largely on the type of burn and the degree of the burn.

First-degree burns—only involve damaging the outermost layer of skin. They heal quickly and do not blister or cause permanent injury. These are the most common burns.

Second Degree Burns—involve damage to both the outer layer and 2nd layer of skin. These types of burns are very painful, blister, and blanch with pressure.

Third Degree Burns—involve severe damage to the dermis and encompass a greater portion of the skin. These burns are painless but can lead to severe infection, scarring, contractures, and even amputation of the extremity. Can lead to death.

Fourth Degree Burns—involve severe damage not only to the skin, but also to the underlying fat, muscle, and bone. The skin may look like black charring and require amputation to prevent death.

Burn Injuries are Life Changing

The serious burns sustained in a car accident can change your life forever. Victims of serious burn injuries can require months or even years of hospitalizations, multiple reconstructive surgical procedures, and extensive rehabilitation.  Burn victims also experienced severe and excruciating pain and they must deal with the emotional trauma of disfigurement that is caused by the permanent scarring. In addition, burn victims can face severe and life-threatening complications from respiratory distress, electrolyte imbalances, and infection.

The psychological impact of burn injuries cannot be overemphasized.  Isolation is the most common physical complications of a serious burn injury. Victims who are severely disfigured or scarred may lose interest in life, their hobbies, and their friends.  Depression and anxiety, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder, are very real emotional and psychological complications.

Hospitalizations from Burn Injuries

Severe burn injuries may require surgery.  Burned areas may have to be removed and replaced with skin graphs from parts the body which did not suffer from injuries. This Is often done through multiple surgeries and hospitalizations. The cost of treating a burn victim can exceed $10,000 dollars per day and a victim that suffers a car accident burn injury can face serious complications at every turn.

Due to the severity of these injuries, accident victims need someone on their side from the very start. A lawyer that is experienced in handling burn injuries can negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries. Without an attorney on your side insurance companies will try to offer you the lowest possible settlement. This is often a fraction of what you need to cover all of your medical expenses both now and in the future.

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