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Man checking the damage of a car | Insurance company Tricks and TacticsThe majority of us believe that if we pay our insurance premiums on time and we choose a reputable insurance company, that they will be “on our side” after an accident. While this is certainly how it is supposed to work, it is rarely how it actually works. Insurance companies have one thing in mind after your accident – paying you as little as possible, so they can continue to rake in mega profits.

Did you know that the insurance industry in the United States enjoys average profits of over $30 billion a year. In addition, CEOs in the insurance industry make more than CEOs in any other industry. They rake in these profits by taking advantage of accident victims and by delaying, denying, and refusing claims to their policyholders. And it’s not just one company – nearly all the top insurance companies engage in tricks and tactics that are designed to reduce your payout, including Allstate, State Farm, AIG, and Progressive. Some of the deceitful tricks and tactics they use include:


  1. Asking for a recorded statement
  2. Telling you not to call a lawyer
  3. Pressuring you into signing a release
  4. Denying or shifting liability
  5. Downplaying injuries or claiming “pre-existing” conditions
  6. Ordering unnecessary medical testing
  7. Delaying claim process
  8. Offering lowball settlements
  9. Pressuring you into signing settlement quickly
  10. Denying valid claims without cause

Insurance companies routinely delay and deny claims in an effort to frustrate or confuse accident victims. They may avoid your calls altogether or give you the runaround when you call. They may even assign you to a different adjuster who says they must start the claims process over again. Once they do finally offer you a settlement, it is often just a fraction of what you need and they often use a “take it or leave it” approach to pressure you into signing quickly.

Don’t sign anything without first speaking to an experienced and skilled Colorado car accident attorney. Your attorney knows the tricks and tactics that insurance companies use to reduce their payouts and protect their own bottomline. They use this knowledge to negotiate and fight the insurance company on your behalf, so you can obtain the money you need to put your life back together again after a devastating accident.


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