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Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Claim

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) ClaimComplex Regional Pain (CRPS), sometimes called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), is a painful condition that can occur throughout the body due to injury or illness brought on by the debilitated peripheral or central nervous system.  

When a person experiences CRPS the pain is oftentimes overwhelming and can lead to loss of work, exercise, and usual daily activities and routine.  A personal injury attorney can help in these very serious cases.

Why Do I Need an Attorney For My CRPS?

At Hull & Zimmerman we have counseled many injury victims who were unaware of their CRPS until weeks after their injury or illness took place.  

There are several instances when CRPS doesn’t show significant signs right away and when the pain worsens, the injured party feels that the visible injury doesn’t match the extreme amount of pain he or she is in.  When this occurs, the injured should see a doctor right away.  

Some CRPS symptoms include:

•  Severe burning pain, oftentimes occurring in an arm, hand, leg, or foot

•  Change in skin color, skin may be white and mottled or turn to shades of red and blue

•  Change in temperature of skin, skin may feel cold at one moment, then be very sweaty

•  Swelling

•  Sensitivity to touch at any level, even very gentle touch 

•  Joint stiffness

•  Muscle spasms and weakness or complete loss of motion or use

•  And, more

This painful disease can affect any person at any stage of life.  CRPS can cause great physical, emotional, and financial trauma.  We recommend seeing a personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able after being diagnosed with CRPS.


Treatment of CRPS

A person suffering from CRPS should start being treated as soon as they can.  The pain will worsen, getting more intense and causing more problems. See your physician so you can get started on treating the condition and reversing the pain.  

Your doctor may need to take X-rays or MRIs and numerous other tests to determine your best course of action.  The good news is that there are treatment plans to help.  


Talk with a Personal Injury Attorney About Your CRPS

Your next move should be to visit with a personal injury lawyer experienced in working with CRPS clients.  Your personal injury attorney will start an investigation into the circumstances surrounding your injury or illness that caused your CRPS.

Remember that the circumstance may not seem that relevant, it could have been something barely noticeable that appeared to cause little harm at the time of the incident.  Your attorney will be able to guide you through events that may be to blame.  

It’s important to know exactly what happened so you can put a plan in place to proceed.  Your injury lawyer can help advise on whether compensation should be sought, especially if the disease has made it impossible for you to work.


The Takeaway 

If you think that you’ve been injured or taken ill due to the fault of another, leading to your CRPS, your personal injury attorney can help you determine your best recourse.  See an attorney as soon as you can so you can get the proper advice and start moving forward.

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