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Filing a Lawsuit against the Government

Filing a Lawsuit against the Government

A person injured due to a government employee’s negligent conduct may be entitled to file for financial compensation under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). This law protects people who are injured by a government employee acting for the government and in a capacity that is not strictly governmental. These types of cases can be particularly complicated as the claimant is bringing a case against the federal government, which has a number of protections; however, a qualified attorney may be able to help a person get the compensation they need.

If the cost of your injuries has placed a significant burden on your household, you may need to seek compensation from the government employee or agency responsible for your injury. To learn more about your legal options, contact a Denver personal injury lawyer of Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., by calling (303) 423-1770.

The Rules of the Federal Tort Claims Act

When a person files under the FTCA, they have to follow the legal guidelines established by the law. According to the FTCA, a person needs to first file an administrative claim with the responsible government agency before any case can proceed to court. In order to successfully file this administrative claim, a person must:

  • File within two years of an injury
  • Include the exact amount of expected compensation
  • Include detailed information about the injury and incident
  • Sue within six months if they dispute the agency’s response

If a person isn’t satisfied with the compensation the agency is willing to pay or wants to appeal a claim denial, the case must be taken to court. When doing this, the assistance of a qualified and knowledgeable attorney may prove invaluable.

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