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Do Not Make These 3 Mistakes when Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Do Not Make These 3 Mistakes when Filing

When a person is injured, they may consider pursuing legal action against the person or company responsible for their suffering. While this gives them the opportunity to receive compensation for the financial losses they experienced, it can also prove to be a complicated, often frustrating time. This is in large part due to the complex nature of the legal system. To stop a claim mistake before it happens, a person should consult with an attorney before taking matters in their own hands.

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Missteps You Want to Avoid

If a person can remember the following mistakes and avoid them whenever possible, they may improve their chances of winning compensation:

#1: Believing that you can file whenever you want.

This is untrue. A person can file a civil lawsuit within the statute of limitations, which is a time limit set by the law. However, once this time limit expires, they are not allowed to pursue legal action for those injuries any more.

#2: Believing that you can attempt to pursue the matter again after it has been resolved.

A person cannot bring up the same suit against the same defendant over and over again until they achieve the outcome that they want. Whatever judgment or settlement is provided in the first case is all that will be available. Any further attempts to sue will be turned down by the court.

#3: Pursuing legal action against a party that you cannot demonstrate is responsible.

A case will be thrown out as frivolous if a claimant cannot establish that the defendant not only was responsible for the injury, but specifically had some sort of duty to protect the claimant from harm. For example, a government can be sued for leaving potholes in a road after an ice storm, but cannot be sued for injuries caused by the ice storm itself.

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