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The Health Consequences of a Back Injury

The Health Consequences of a Back Injury

An injury sustained to the back can prove particularly devastating to a person’s well-being and mobility. These injuries may affect some of the most important muscle groups in the body, cause damage to the spine, or affect the nerves that run through the spine to connect the body. If any of these areas are damaged as a result of an injury, an injured individual may require substantial medical care as well as a difficult and lengthy recovery. However, the cost of this care may be covered if a person was injured due to someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct.

If you or someone you love has sustained an injury to the back because of another person’s errors, we may be able to help file a legal claim against the responsible party. For a free consultation regarding your legal options for filing for compensation after an injury, contact a Denver personal injury attorney from Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., today by calling (303) 423-1770.

The Full Cost of a Back Injury

Back injuries often come with a variety of expenses, from the cost of immediate care to the long-term expenses associated with physical therapy and pain management medication. These greater costs may be attributed to some of the following health consequences that are caused by back injuries:

  • Loss of mobility due to spinal and nerve damage
  • Loss of feeling or feelings of severe pain, often due to nerve damage
  • Inability to move freely or without pain, often due to muscle damage
  • Sexual and respiratory dysfunction

These problems may require treatments ranging from surgery to substantial training and therapy. Often, back injuries take a significant amount of time of heal, leaving those injured out of work throughout recovery. If these injuries were caused by someone else’s mistakes, compensation may be available for these expenses and for income lost during recovery.

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A back injury may leave you and your household with financial obligations that you simply can’t manage. However, compensation may be available to cover these expenses if your injuries were caused by someone else’s irresponsibility or negligence. To learn more about your injury claim from an experienced legal advisor, contact a Denver personal injury lawyer from Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., at (303) 423-1770 today.


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