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Vision Loss and Financial Consequences

Vision Loss and Financial Consequences

Traumatic injuries to the eye or brain may cause a person to lose their vision. Depending on the severity of the injury, this vision loss may be permanent or temporary, and may completely affect their vision or result in only partial loss. In any of these situations, these injuries can drastically affect a person’s life and leave them in need of immediate medical care.

At Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., we understand the difficulties an injured individual in Denver may face after sustaining an injury. Fortunately, many victims of traumatic injuries that result in vision loss are able to seek restitution for the ensuing consequences it has on their wellbeing and life.

The Financial Consequences of Vision Loss

When a person sustains a serious traumatic injury that damages their eyes, the areas of the brain responsible for processing sight, or the nerves that connect the two, they may develop potentially lifelong disabilities. Beyond the immediate physical and emotional consequences, the following financial concerns may arise after an injury:

  • Modifying a home or workspace to accommodate for the vision impairment
  • Purchasing necessary equipment or paying for aid
  • Going through occupational therapy to improve quality of life with vision impairment
  • Paying for medical treatment, often including surgical intervention, which may restore some sight

It can be difficult for a person to manage the costs of these unexpected expenses related to vision loss. However, a person may be able to file a personal injury claim if the traumatic injury was caused by someone else’s negligence. If successful, this legal action could help to significantly cover these costs.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver

If you or someone you love has sustained an injury resulting in vision loss, it may be possible to take legal action against the responsible party. For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation regarding your legal options, talk to a lawyer from Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., today by calling (303) 331-4436.



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