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Because young children have not grown enough to understand and look out for their own well being, the law grants some concessions to minors, which are not provided to adults. Read on to learn more about the discrepancies in the way personal injury cases are handled when a minor is involved.

Accidents Caused by Minors

The age of majority varies from state to state, but most states consider this to be 18. By virtue of parent responsibility laws enacted by the states, parents have a legal duty to control their minor child. Therefore, until the child reaches the age of majority, a parent can be held legally responsible for the acts of their children.

Separate guidelines are applied to children of different ages. The concept of carefulness requires understanding the innate consequences associated with certain risks. Children aged seven years and younger cannot be expected to understand this concept, and are therefore not legally answerable for accidental injuries they cause, however, the parents might be.

Children who have reached an age of greater understanding of wrong and right can be held liable for injuries and damage they deliberately cause. School children can be held liable for injuries inflicted on schoolmates, and once a child reaches the age of fourteen, they are generally considered to be responsible for their own actions in the same way adults are.

If a teenager under the age of 18 injures someone while driving a car, either the minor’s or the parent’s insurance will compensate the victim. If there is little or no insurance coverage, and the minor is the registered owner of the vehicle, most states allow claims to be filed against the parent, requiring their insurance to compensate the victim.

Injuries to Minors

Children, clearly, are not capable of negotiating claims; however, parents may do so for the child, and may file a claim for compensation of medical expenses paid on behalf of the child.

The methods for recovering damages for a child differ among the states. Generally speaking though, a minor is eligible to recover compensation, just as an adult, for disability and pain and suffering.

Injuries suffered by minors have unique legal and emotional implications. These injuries, if not treated properly, can turn into lifelong medical conditions or disabilities for your child and could damage their future employment opportunities. Any compensation you receive should reflect such possibilities.

If your minor child is involved in a personal injury case for any reason, our compassionate personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide your family through this trying ordeal.

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