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Airplane Accident Lawyers

Surviving victims of airplane accidents are often left with traumatic physical and emotional damage that lasts for years. In the event of a fatal crash, loved ones of the victims are left with trauma of their own, in addition to financial burdens resulting from their loss. Both of these scenarios are made even worse if the crash was due to another party’s inexperience, negligence, or recklessness.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of an airplane crash, you should speak with a lawyer to discuss the possibility of seeking justice and financial compensation. To learn more, contact the lawyers of Hull & Zimmerman today. Call us at (303) 710-8906.


Causes of Airplane Accidents

In many instances, plane crashes are caused due to negligence or recklessness on the part of an airline employee or plane manufacturer. In cases like these, victims and their families may be eligible for financial compensation for the damages done. You should contact a lawyer to learn about getting monetary compensation if the accident involved:

  • Pilot Error – Unfortunately, this is the cause of most airplane accidents. The pilot has several essential responsibilities; some of them come up quickly (intense weather), others are part of every flight (take-off and landing). The pilot must be able to effectively and rapidly resolve any problem that arises. When they don’t notice a system failure, mechanical issue, or prepare for a change of weather pattern, everyone on the flight is put at risk.
  • Pilot Intoxication – Sobriety while controlling an aircraft is a necessity. The pilot’s reaction-time to in-air events needs to be at its quickest, and when a person is intoxicated, their senses are not as heightened as they usually are. Pilot intoxication can gravely affect the handling of the plane and lead to serious consequences.
  • Airline Negligence – It’s the airline’s responsibility to hire knowledgeable and vetted employees to work on and for the aircraft. Proper training and education are essential for airline workers. If the airline doesn’t take the appropriate steps to hire and teach their employees, they may be held liable for causing an accident.
  • Airplane Defects / Malfunction – The aircraft has several moving parts that need to work together and work correctly. It’s vital that the plane is checked and maintained continuously to ensure its proper functioning. Poor maintenance can lead to mechanical malfunctions that can cause severe damage.
  • Air Traffic Controller Error – Air traffic controllers hold much responsibility even though they aren’t on board the flight. They need to keep take-offs and landings smooth and adequately spaced, they need to advise pilots of other aircraft in the area, they need to watch for weather pattern shifts, and more. If any number of their safety responsibilities go unchecked, an accident can be the outcome.

If your accident involved any of these factors, you may have grounds for legal action against the negligent party.


Injuries Sustained in Airplane Accidents

Airplane accidents have the propensity to result in life-threatening and fatal injuries. When an aircraft hits land or sea, the impact is usually ferocious and often leads to multiple victims. Due to the severe nature of this kind of accident, death is often the result.

Some common injuries include:


Wrongful Death

It’s a sad truth, but results tend to be fatal when an aircraft is involved in an accident. We’d like to offer the support we can during these heartbreaking times.

Filing a wrongful death suit cannot make up for your loss, but it can provide you with financial compensation to help you pay for any funeral and burial expenses and to benefit you with any losses of future financial assistance due to your loved one’s death. We will thoroughly investigate your unique matter, allowing you to focus on your healing, and get you the damages you’re entitled to.


Premises Liability

Airports are known for their hustle and bustle. With so many people moving fast and focusing only on themselves, accidents can easily happen if the surroundings aren’t well maintained. The airport and airline staff have to keep your safety in mind no matter where you are on their premises.

If you’ve been hurt while boarding a plane, fallen on debris left in the corridors, slipped in a spilled liquid in a restaurant, or been injured due to any other dangerous condition, you should learn your rights. You may have a premises liability matter that our legal professionals can help you with.

Some airport and airplane injuries may occur by:

  • Slip and fall accidents can happen while on the ramp leading to the aircraft, on the tarmac, the escalator or moving sidewalks, in a food court, restaurant, or restroom
  • Luggage conveyor belts
  • Overhead bins
  • Improperly stored on-flight baggage, carts, or other equipment
  • Falls due to turbulence in-flight
  • Sexual and physical abuse by staff


Compensation for Your Airplane Accident

Experienced airplane accident lawyers are ready to fight for you. These cases can be extensive and take time due to several legal parties and individual involvement. Finding the cause and who’s at fault will require a qualified, comprehensive investigation.

Let us get you the damages you’re entitled to; we have the experience you’re looking for in getting our clients compensation for:

  • Medical expenses and medications
  • Lost income- current and future
  • Emotional and mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Lost property
  • Your loved one’s death
  • Funeral and burial expenses

An Airplane Accident Lawyer Will Help

Accidents of this nature often involve many people and many factors. In order to get you your due compensation, your claim must be filed and investigated properly. There may be an extended amount of legal teams, insurance companies, individuals, and airline staff involved. In many cases, finding who is at fault requires experience in airplane accident law.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an airplane accident, you’ve been through a significant ordeal, let us help get your life back as much as we can. We’ll build out your case through a thorough investigation process and handle all of your paperwork and court hearings. If a trial is necessary, we’ll be prepared.

Contact us today so we can start fighting for you.


At Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., we are honored to help accident victims in their time of need, and take our responsibility as personal injury lawyers incredibly seriously. We know how important it is for victims to secure the full and fair compensation they need following a serious accident, and that is why we take a hands-on, personalized approach to every case we handle.

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