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Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Many people have turned to bicycles as a means to cut back on their impact on the environment, save money on gasoline, and even to get in shape. However, as useful as these vehicles are for getting around, they do not offer the same amount of protection as a car or truck. Additionally, many motorists do not treat bicyclists with the respect and attention they deserve.

You should not be endangered on the road because of your choice of vehicle. To learn more about your legal options if a driver has injured you, contact the Denver bicycle accident lawyers of Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., at (303) 423-1770 today.

Dangers of Bicycle Accidents

Although some cities and towns are taking steps to make their roads safer for bicycle traffic, the addition of bike lanes and safety laws does not change the fact that accidents between cars and bikes are often devastating to the cyclist. Consider the following accidents that cyclists may experience as a result of driver negligence:

  • Clipping
  • Failure to slow down
  • Failure to follow right-of-way
  • Direct collisions

Many times, a lack of understanding or care regarding a bike’s place on the road can be to blame for accidents between motorists and cyclists. In particular, right-of-way problems can cause drivers to believe their vehicle always takes precedence over bicycles. Additionally, many areas have laws concerning the space required between bikes and cars, but drivers may not be aware of them or the laws may not be properly enforced by authorities.


At Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., we are honored to help accident victims in their time of need, and take our responsibility as personal injury lawyers incredibly seriously. We know how important it is for victims to secure the full and fair compensation they need following a serious accident, and that is why we take a hands-on, personalized approach to every case we handle.

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