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Workers’ Compensation
Claims, Forms, and Waiver


If an employee is injured or becomes ill due to their working environment, they can file a workers’ compensation claim in Colorado. By design, workers’ compensation is intended to benefit the employee and the employer by providing compensation to the injured party.

The employee receives quick and necessary access to finances for medical expenses and lost wages, and the employer doesn’t have to come up with thousands of dollars out of pocket or fear a future lawsuit due to negligence.

All parties benefit from employers having the required workers’ compensation insurance. However, it’s important that you understand your rights as an employee so you can best navigate the process. Our Thornton workers’ comp lawyers are skilled at helping our clients get the highest amount of compensation for their unique work-related accidents and experiences.


Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ comp claims are filed for various reasons. At Hull & Zimmerman, we’ve helped clients who have been hurt on-site due to another employee’s action or inaction, clients who have become ill due to workplace conditions, clients who have ongoing ailment due to the consistent overuse of muscles and joints, and everything in between.

The people who file these claims are hardworking and devoted employees, as you are. They have had an unfortunate workplace experience and deserve to be compensated for it.

Common reasons to file a workers’ compensation claim include:

  • Occupational illnesses, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, dermatitis (significant exposure to skin irritants), asthma, tendonitis, and more
  • Overuse or repetitive motion injuries
  • Pre-existing injury aggravation
  • Blindness or hearing loss
  • Stress-induced injuries
  • Stress from a work-related injury
  • An injury that is all or partially the employee’s fault
  • Death due to a work-related accident or injury
  • And more

Once you file your claim, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for:

  • Medical treatments
  • Lost wages
  • Long-term financial loss

If you need help determining whether you have a legitimate workman’s compensation claim, our legal team is available to give you experienced advice and insight. We can tell you if your matter is justified, what compensation we believe you’re entitled to, and help you file and manage your claim and legal case. Contact us today for a complementary consultation.


Workers’ Compensation Form

If you wish to file a workers’ compensation claim, you must first report the accident to your employer in writing within four days of the occurrence. After that, you have two years to complete and return the Worker’s Claim for Compensation (PDF) form to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to ensure the insurance agency and the Division of Workers’ Compensation are put on notice and can respond.

With pre-existing injuries, illness, stress, and other types of impairments that aren’t assigned a tangible date, speaking to an experienced workman’s comp lawyer is the smart move to ensure you get the deserved compensation. While this insurance is for your protection, the insurance agencies will offer you the lowest amount possible. Let our team give you confidence knowing that you’re not taken advantage of.

Other kinds of worker’s compensation forms that may be necessary to file include:

Don’t go through this legal journey alone. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you determine how and when to file your claim. The legal professionals at Hull & Zimmerman are dedicated to your matter, and we will do what it takes to get you the benefits you deserve.


Workers’ Compensation Waiver

Workers’ compensation insurance is a requirement by all employers with one or more employees who work full or part-time. However, it is not required for a sole proprietor or independent contractor to have this coverage; therefore, no laws enforce it.

It’s important that you take into consideration your risk when working for businesses that do not have workers’ comp. If the job mandates physical labor, you may want to ask about other kinds of insurance the business carries to ensure your protection.

If you are injured or become ill due to work-related causes while working with an uncovered company, you may have more difficulty being compensated; however, our legal experts are here to help guide you through your options. Filing a personal injury claim, slip and fall claim, or premises liability claim could be resources to explore.


Denver’s Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Fully learning and understanding Colorado’s workers’ compensation guidelines is a big task, and we don’t expect you to go it alone. We have the time, commitment, and knowledge to help get your life back on track.

Let our professionals fight for you or your loved one so you can focus on recovering. We have years of experience, and our thoughtful team will work hard to get you the results you’re hoping for. To learn more, or to discuss your situation in greater detail, contact us today by calling (303) 423-1770 for a free initial consultation.

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