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“Your absolutely best choice for a personal injury lawyer. Cares about you and will fight for you.”

Bradford L.

“I went into Hull and Zimmerman after I was rear ended. I was not so sure if I was doing the alright thing never filed a claim before. I loved how Mr. Zimmerman was honest and straight forward with me. I knew all my options before I even decided if I wanted to follow through with the claim. I was not expecting any kind of money coming my way I was just hoping my bills would be covered. When I found out how much my settlement was I was very pleasantly surprised. They really fought for me to make sure not only did I get something but that I was also happy with my settlement. To top it all off I was having a hard time finding a time to meet with them to sign my paper work Mr. Zimmerman made time for me on a weekend to make sure I got my settlement quickly. I would highly recommend them because they are honest and very professional.”

Danette S.

“Rick Hull was an outstanding lawyer! He worked diligently to ensure that I was taken care of and all of my questions were answered. He is a kind, caring and compassionate person that wants to help his local community. Rick was honest and made a conscious effort to contact and inform me of the progress he was making towards my case. I am thankful Rick was on my side to guide and fight for me! I would recommend Rick Hull to any family member or friend that needs legal assistance or advice.”

Britni F.

“Mike Zimmerman has helped me on several leagal issues that only an exceptional attorney could handle. He the best attorney I have ever dealt with. He takes time to listen to you and this is important. I would recommend Mike Zimmerman first to anyone who needs the best.”

Chuck S.

“Worked with Alex Zimmerman after being mauled by my neighbor’s dog. Everything was handled in a professional manner, all medical bills were paid, outstanding service! Would highly recommend & definitely would use again if anything else were to happen in the future.”

Steven M.

“I highly recommend Michael Zimmerman’s services. He is thorough and fair and communicates with you on each step of the process. You can trust in him to get the job done in a timely manner.”

Tara R.

“January 16, 2014 When I was in a serious car accident, involving a drunk driver, who was driving without a driver’s license and had no insurance, I knew I needed a premier personal injury law firm to represent my best interests. I was not sure I had much of a case, but when I met with Rick Hull, a named partner of the law firm, Hull & Zimmerman, he was compassionate and caring about my situation, and told me he would handle my case. In fact, he told me in so many words… “Not to worry about the issues of the accident and the insurance matters, but just to take care of myself and heal. He would be the bad guy!!” After everything I had been through, those were the words I wanted to hear. I knew I had selected the foremost personal injury law firm in Colorado. Rick and his staff worked tirelessly on my case. They were diligent, had excellent follow through skills and always, always, were fighting for me. I was able to start my healing process and knew Rick would provide me with the aggressive representation that was needed in this situation. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and was always upbeat and positive when we talked. He even walked me through the ongoing criminal procedure that was associated with the drunk driver and the many hearings I attended. When I was finally cleared by all my doctors, Rick worked determinedly to obtain a fair and just settlement for me. However, Rick did more than that; he was able to secure a financial settlement for me that was completely and entirely beyond my expectation. Also, while I was going through the healing process from my accident, I had a critical on going issue with my Homeowners Association. Rick agreed to handle that matter. Again, he aggressively represented my best interests and assisted me in getting the matter resolved and did so at no cost to me. I also felt very comfortable in recommending Rick Hull and his law firm to my friends and did refer an elderly friend of the family who very much needed assistance in dealing with a hospital and their billing practices. I recently heard from her that Rick was successful in getting this matter resolved in her favor and to her surprise, he did not even bill her for any of his time. I have the greatest admiration for Rick Hull and feel very fortunate to have him as my lawyer, uncompromisingly representing me and always looking after my best interests! Hull & Zimmerman is the premier law firm that I needed.”

Amy W.

“I first started my venture for a lawyer after slipping on an ice packed driveway and breaking my leg. I talked to a few of the guys on tv, and a few on the internet…none seemed to be interested in my case and wouldn’t even take the time to talk to me face to face. Then I got in touch with a guy that sounded like he wanted to take my case. I met him and he started asking me all kinds of sleazy slime ball questions like “did you hurt your back” I said no, he would say “are you sure? Maybe you should go the the chiropractor to make sure” I walked out immediately. I may not like insurance companies but I do have values and integrity. Thats when I found Hull & Zimmerman. I got in touch with Mr. Zimmerman and he said he was going to check a few legal things before he wanted to meet face to face so not to waste our time if I really didn’t have a case. He got back to me a few days later and told me that I didn’t really have to great of a chance to win, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t up for the challenge. So Mike and I met, he talked a lot about the ups and downs of the type of case I had and never once tried to make me think anything other than the truth about my case…that it was going to be a long hard road, but that if I was up for it, he’d take my case. To be honest, I thought some day I might see some money come out of it, but didn’t really count on it. Until last week, we settled for far more than I ever thought I’d get. Mike Zimmerman always treated me with dignity and respect, and showed me nothing but honesty and integrity the whole time I worked with him. This being my first time ever needing a lawyer and having a preconceived notion about how sleazy lawyers can be, Mr. Zimmerman showed me true professionalism, and showed me that that I was wrong about my thoughts on lawyers. I would highly recommend Mike Zimmerman to anyone who needs his services. He never once showed me anything but honesty and integrity, and has earned my sincerest respect, and I’m grateful I found him.”

Hass M.

“I am happy to refer you to Mike Zimmerman as a personal injury lawyer. From day one, I felt that Mr. Zimmerman was very professional and up-front with me. He kept in touch with us well, and went to every corner to find ways to present our case well. I feel that Mr. Zimmerman did everything he could to get the best outcome from my case. He and his staff are friendly, professional, and helpful. He is very knowledgeable of the laws and necessary policies concerning personal injury and disability. He communicated well and often, making sure I knew what he was doing and never taking a step without first talking it over with me. In meetings where we were with the opposition, he has been very professional and a strong litigator. I am confident that he is the best personal injury lawyer we could have found.”

Becky H.

“If you have ever had to deal with workman’s comp, you will know that it is a nightmare. Mike Zimmerman knows what he’s doing and does what is right for you. I fired a very large law firm because they couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything. Mike got the job done very quickly and with realistic expectations and results! The proof is in the outcome, in my case the outcome was spectacular!”

Curt M.

“Mike Zimmerman was wonderful to work with. I would definitely hire him again.”

Vivian K.

“Alex Zimmerman is a consummate professional. I was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Alex did a wonderful job of explaining the process of this type of case and kept me informed at every stage of the proceedings. He settled my case out of court and was able to settle for much more than I expected. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney for this type of case.”

Terra T.

“Five Stars”

Amanda K.

“Workers Comp can be a nightmare. It was until I met Mike Zimmerman. The games that were being played stopped immediately. At every step along the way, Mike kept me abreast of the next action that needed to begin. What others had told me was not possible, Mike made it possible. Not being able to work, has been the hardest work I have ever done in my life. So again, what others said was not possible, Mike not only did the impossible, he helped get me 100% disability. With Mike, I had a teammate. A quarter back who led with compassion, honesty and guidance. Always exploring and clarifying all of my options. Whenever I pressed for his opinion on my options, he always asked me first what I was thinking, feeling and hoping for. Then he would offer his counsel. In other words, Mike took the time to get to know me. Lastly, if your looking for someone who will walk with you through every step, every road block and every bridge out sign that you run into, then in good faith, Mike Zimmerman and his staff is the only call you need to make. Don’t wait any longer and definitely don’t try and go it alone!!!”

Dana C.

“We went to Alex Zimmerman for an injury my elderly mother sustained from a fall at a store. Alex was upfront and very honest as to what to expect. He went above and beyond for my mother. Now he is handling my auto accident. I tell everyone I know about him and this law firm. Alex is very down to earth and makes the process as easy as he can. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Edna R.

“Alex Zimmerman was very professional, honest and present. I highly recommend him!!”

Kari L.

“Michael Zimmerman has been very patient in helping me.”

Ashley K.

“I had contacted Alex Zimmerman on November of last year about a food poisoning case. From the start of the conversation he knew my case would be hard but he never showed signs of weakness towards it. Alex is a professional and outstanding lawyer, throughout the process of my case Alex stayed on top of everything, communication was amazing always calling me to tell me how things were going, in some cases he stayed in the office late to take care of me. Alex not only treated me with alot of respect he treated me like family, and that goes beyond any experience I’ve had. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who needs a professional at law. like I said a food poisoning case is hard because not any lawyer wants to take on it but he did and as of now he has won my case and I would 100 percent see him again for anything.. Alex thanks again.”

Sergio M.

“Awesome, they were awesome. Alex did a great job for me. I would highly recommend them to anybody.”


“Now getting a settlement after two years and Alex has stuck with me through it all. They will make sure you are taken care of.”

Anna M.

“I met with Mike Zimmerman after being injured in an accident by an uninsured motorist. He explained the process I was facing with my insurance and how he could assist me. Hiring him soon after the accident allowed me to focus on healing and not worry about the insurance process. He negotiated a settlement that I would never have received on my own. I appreciate that his costs/fees were right in line with his estimate. The only surprise at the end of my case was how well he negotiated up to what he felt was a fair settlement for me!”

Beth R.

“Rick Hull is an incredible lawyer! Day or night he was always there to answer any questions I had. Rick is extremely competent and knowledgeable, and makes the entire legal process much easier. This is a lawyer who truly cares about his clients, and works endlessly to ensure the best possible outcome. He is in this profession to help the people! I would never choose another attorney!”

Jane R.

“Alex was amazing in handling my disability case. It was a long process but he did everything to perfection, and was very respected and recognized at my hearing. I would recommend Hull and Zimmerman above all others. Thank you again!!!!!!”

Matt C.

“Rick is a professional through and through! He was able to get immediate results from my insurance company when our car was totaled by a major delivery company truck. We had gotten very little assistance from our insurance provider all though the other party was 100 percent at fault. Six weeks into dealing with the insurance company on something we thought would be simple, we were at a standstill- no car and no end in sight. We finally reached out to Rick! My biggest mistake was not calling Rick day one! He is thoughtful, professional, and he and his staff followed through with us even on the smallest of details. I can’t say enough about the quality of services received. Rick had the entire matter resolved in less than a week. Thank you Mr. Hull!”

Julie J.

“I am so pleased with their office. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner. Jo-Ann and Alex both were very helpful and always kept me informed. I would definitely reommend them to all of my friends and family. Also, I really appreciated that they didn’t take any excessive administration fees from my settlement.”

J. Wilson

“I wish to thank Rick Hull and his team for their outstanding performance on my recent case. Unfortunately I had an accident here in Denver, Colorado around a crazy Valentine day in 2017 and my car was totalled with various body injuries and strains which glued me to the bed for a full month. I received a visit at my home from Rick who took me to the injury clinic and made sure that I was in good hands for my treatment. This is an Attorney who really cares and who is not just interested in the bottom line of his pocket book. Rick Hull and his team made sure that all property damages were resolved swiftly and the financing institution for my car could give me a break because my Attorney had resolved to their satisfaction the balance of over $20,000 that I owed on my car at the time of my accident. All of my bills medical and/or otherwise which resulted from this accident were fully paid swiftly because Rick Hull and his team devoted the time and had the experience and right skills set to get the job done in no time. They even managed to get me additional good cash to compensate me for pain and discomfort so I could get back to my daily life and forget the trauma of going through a terrible accident. In my 51 years of existence I have never seen such a commitment to help others above and beyond the call of duty. This is an Attorney with the skills, the resources and the values that got me back to normalcy and I highly recommend this team. Mathieu Credo KOUMOIN, Ph.D. (from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA)”

Mathieu-Credo K.

“This 5 star rating is not from hiring Rick Hull. I want to be clear on that. This 5 star rating is because Rick Hull spent 40 minutes with me on the phone today (obviously not paid) walked me through what happened with my accident and told me the truth which was hiring him or anyone else, would cause me more financial issues than I’m already in after being rear ended in February. After being taken advantage of from a treatment center just racking up bills from the car accident and having struggles with the third party adjuster that already took responsibility but giving me grief of 5 and a half months of treatment they seem is unnecessary, a sigh of relief was given from speaking to Rick. Rick not only took the time to talk to me, but he also guided me on what he suggests to do moving forward, gave me referrals for treatment centers as I’m still in pain, but most importantly he didn’t promise me he could win me a ton of money but actually told me I’m better not hiring someone and paying them a percentage as a fair settlement will be an issue enough for me to come out on top. Rick could of taken my case and my money from the settlement but didn’t. I firmly believe that if he provided exceptional honest service in just a free consultation, he will do an amazing job for anyone who chooses to hire him. Hopefully I will never be in a car accident that has caused me so much grief but if I am, Rick will be the first person I call. If you want an honest approach and security on talking to an honest attorney, contact Rick.”

Abby R.

“I was injured in a fall and the nightmare began. I found Mike Zimmerman on the internet, read his background history and contacted his office. The office staff was wonderful, patient, and helpful, even though I was probably a pain to them. Mike is a no nonsense kind of guy. He will tell you exactly what he feels about your case and will not sugar coat it. You will know exactly what to expect and I appreciated the honesty! I would recommend Mike to anyone who has their life spinning out of control because of an accident. He help me get my life back.”

“Thank you so much”

Mary T.

“Working through divorce and custody issues is an extremely difficult and emotionally trying experience. Mike Zimmerman represented my interest in a highly professional manner and protected my rights as a parent at a level that exceeded my highest expectations. This firm’s expertise, ability and professionalism earned my respect as well as my continued business for any legal issues I encounter in the future.”

Michael D.

“We came across mike Zimmerman when we were involved in an accident awhile back, we had been negotiating with the insurance company for some time and getting nowhere with a settlement. Never knowing Mike Zimmerman when we had gone and seen him it really surprised us that he made us feel right at home and that he was really concerned for his clients. Mike was very upfront with us a our lawyer, and advised us every step of the way. His associates were very professional and office personnel was very friendly also. Mike got almost double the settlement we were expecting and we just were very satisfied and would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a good honest lawyer.”

Clarencec & Joy W.

“We were hit by an uninsured driver in 2006 and my husband was unable to work for some time. Initially our own insurance really didn’t want to help us. On the recommendation of a friend, we contacted Mr. Z and with his advice, suggestions and hard work, we were able to get the what we needed from our insurance to help us with our bills and medical costs. His staff was very patient with us as well and was always available to reassure us and to answer our questions. We hope nothing like this ever happens again, but if it was to happen, we would contact Mr Zimmerman in a heart beat.”

G. & B O.

“Rick – Smart and nice! We were nervous and Rick put us at ease. Kept us informed. Never thought we made a bad choice. Also, the first time I called, I talked to Rick…impressed us very much.”

D. & S. Bratrovsky

“Exceeded expectations!”

T. Thiel

“I liked the fact that I was kept up to date throughout the process. When the accident first happened, Rick went to bat for me right away to make sure that I was compensated for my loss of transportation. The end result in my case exceeded my expectations and I was very pleased.”

D. Hughley

“I appreciated the effort Rick Hull presented during the difficulties that occurred throughout the settlement and following. I felt completely at ease during the whole process.”

Michele Wolf

“I appreciated the fact that Rick Hull always explained everything to me. No matter how insignificant I thought the question was, he encouraged me to ask and was very patient when I didn’t understand some aspect of the legal procedures. I also appreciated the fact that Rick was a real person, he wasn’t stiff or unapproachable. He was easy to talk to, to understand, and get along with. In addition, he explained certain aspects of Colorado law thoroughly to me so that I could make an informed decision that best suited my needs.”

P. Gore

Hull & Zimmerman, P.C. is rated 5 out of 5 based on 9 user reviews.


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