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Colorado Severely Lacking Numerous Road Safety Laws

two automobiles collided | Colorado road safety lawDid you know that a fifth of all states are dangerously behind when it comes to implementing basic road safety laws? Even more astonishing is that every single state has work to do when it comes to keeping drivers and passengers safe from sustaining serious and life-threatening injuries. In fact 406 laws were needed in all 50 states to improve safety on the road. Only six states were given the green light in safety and Colorado was not one of them. Learn more about Colorado road safety laws below.

The Safe Roads report, outlined the various safety laws that each state must implement in order to improve safety. Some of those laws included:

  • Primary enforcement seat belt laws for front seat passengers
  • Improved all-rider motorcycle helmet laws
  • Rear facing for children through the age of  2
  • Optimal booster seat laws
  • Impaired driving law enhancements
  • Text and messaging restriction laws
  • Cell Phone restriction laws
  • Graduated teen driving laws (GDL)
  • Ignition interlock devices for all DUI offenders
  • Child endangerment laws for DUIs
  • Open container laws

So how did Colorado fare? In 2017, Colorado lost 648 lives due to car accidents, costing the economy $4.173 billion. From 2007 to 2017, 5,151 lives were lost in car crashes across the Mile High State. While Colorado didn’t rank at the bottom of the list in safety, it didn’t rank in the top either. Numerous safety laws are needed in Colorado to protect drivers and reduce the number of car accident fatalities, including:

  • Primary Enforcement Seat Belt Law (Front & Rear)
  • All-Rider Motorcycle Helmet Law
  • Rear Facing Through Age 2 Law
  • Booster Seat Law
  • GDL – Minimum Age 16 for Learner’s Permit
  • GDL – Stronger Nighttime Restriction
  • GDL – Stronger Passenger Restriction
  • GDL – Age 18 for Unrestricted License

Colorado did excel in distracted driving laws. It was one of just 29 states that has both all-driver text messaging restriction laws and cell phone restriction laws. When it came to drunk driving, Colorado faired well too with open container laws, child endangerment laws, and all-offender ignition interlock laws.

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