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Dangers of Summer Driving on the Horizon

couple on road trip in the summer | Dangers of Summer DrivingThe month of August has the second-highest number of fatal car accidents, followed by June, July and September. You may wonder what contributes to the dangers of summer driving, and the truth is there are several factors involved in the increase of auto accidents during the these months, including:

  • Teen drivers. Teen drivers already have an increased risk of being involved in a car accident, largely due to their inexperience, as well as riskier driving behaviors. During the summer months these same inexperienced teens spend even more time on the roadways, usually with additional teens in the vehicle as well—another factor in teen auto accidents.
  • More vacationing drivers. There are simply more people on the roadways in the summer months, headed to favorite summer destinations. Congested roadways increase the likelihood of an auto accident plus many vacationing drivers are unfamiliar with the roads, leading to unpredictable and erratic driving behaviors.
  • Tire blowouts. Because hot weather causes the air inside tires to expand, which can cause a blowout on older tires. You should always check your tires regularly, but especially in the summer months, and replace any excessively worn tires before a blowout occurs.
  • Additional bicyclists and motorcyclists on the roadways. The warm weather prompts bicyclists and motorcyclists to hit the open roads. Given the disparity in size between a passenger vehicle and a bicycle or motorcycle, as well as the fact that bicyclists and motorcyclists have no protection like those in passenger vehicles, it is particularly important that drivers watch carefully for bicyclists and motorcyclists.  
  • Road construction. Summertime is the peak time for road construction, and according to the CDC, construction and maintenance work zones averaged 773 driving fatalities per year between the years of 2005 and 2014. Use extra caution when traveling through a construction zone during the summer months.

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Across the United States, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summertime. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, America’s roadways will be buzzing with those traveling to visit family members, attend weddings, go hiking, boating or camping, enjoy a fun day at the beach, or take the children to a theme park.  How can you lower your risk of being involved in a summer car accident? Consider the following tips:

  1. Talk to teens about the risks of distracted driving and set a good example by never sending or reading texts when you are behind the wheel. Forgo answering your phone until you are safely stopped and take the time to stop and eat rather than attempting to eat with one hand and drive with the other.
  2. Always wear your safety belt, and make sure that everyone in the vehicle does the same. A significant number of car accident fatalities are due to lack of wearing a safety belt, which is an easy thing to fix.
  3. Be extra-cautious if you are on the road on weekends, or in the early evening hours. Saturdays are, historically, the most dangerous and deadliest day of the week for those on the roadways, and the hours between 6pm and 7pm tend to have the highest number of car accidents.
  4. Pay attention to the weather—rainy weather requires drivers to slow down, and watch out for hydroplaning, yet many drivers fail to reduce their speed when the rain is pouring down. Wet roads can be just as dangerous as snowy and icy roads, however people tend to think when it is warm outside, they do not need to slow down. The glare from the morning or midday sun can also cause driving problems.

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