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Drugs and Their Impact on Driving Accidents

Drugs and Their Impact on Driving Accidents
We hear a lot about the negative outcomes that occur due to drunk driving, but not as much about the very real impact of driving while under the influence of drugs, both legal prescription medication and illegal narcotics. 

With Colorado being one of the first states to legalize marijuana use, this is becoming a more significant, problematic issue here. Finding out the exact numbers associated with drug-impaired drivers has proven difficult. However, we can tell you that the problem is significant and just like drunk driving, it isn’t going anywhere.

Drugged Driving and Injuries

Even over-the-counter medications like Tylenol PM or Nyquil can cause severely impaired driving conditions. Add into the mix drivers who are using legal prescription medications, marijuana, and illicit drugs, and there’s a strong possibility for car accidents. And when there’s a car accident, injuries (or even death) usually follow.

Now more than ever before people are using prescription drugs for their medical needs, both physical and mental. And with the rise of legal marijuana use, our roads are becoming more of a hazard than in previous years. It’s vital to your safety to stay focused on your surroundings while driving to ensure you have time for immediate reactions to others.


Testing for Drugged Drivers

One of the most discussed problems with legal marijuana use is that enforcing laws regarding driving while under its influence is very difficult. When a car accident occurs and the police are called, officers know exactly what needs to be done to test for alcohol consumption, however, to date, there is no such test to accurately determine the amount of drugs in the system.

While marijuana breathalyzers are being developed as we speak, determining accuracy is yet to be seen.


What to do if You’re in an Accident With a Drugged Driver

After you call the police, file your report, and get any proper medical attention needed, call an injury lawyer who can be trusted and will support you through these challenging times. The last thing you should be worried about is the legal process. Let professionals do that for you. 

If you believe you have been in a car accident with a drugged driver, finding the right personal injury attorney is important to the outcome of your case. At Hull & Zimmerman we specialize in fighting for the rights of car accident victims. 

Our team will strategically analyze and investigate your claim to determine how best to move forward and get you a fair, accurate settlement. Give us a call today to find out more.


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