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Finding a Repair Shop After an Accident

Auto mechanic repair engine in a car repair shop | Finding a Repair Shop After an Accident can be difficultIf you have been involved in an auto accident, you could be facing injuries which require medical assistance, as well as a smashed-up vehicle. Finding a repair shop after an accident can be difficult. The insurance company may “recommend” a shop to you, and that shop could be a good choice, or a not-so-good choice. Many insurance companies have contracts with auto body shops, which, on the face of it, does not sound all that bad.

Unfortunately, the insurance companies expect something in return for referring vehicles to a specific body shop. Most of these “preferred” body shops operate under strict limitations regarding the expenses to repair a vehicle. Unfortunately, those limitations can result in compromises to the quality of your repairs, and, in some cases, even compromises to your safety.

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OEM vs. Non-OEM Parts

When insurance companies have contracts with auto body shops, they may pressure those shops to use non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts, or even reconditioned or salvage parts. There can be significant differences between the two, including:

  • Your car may not be as safe after your vehicle is repaired if non-OEM parts are used. In general, the manufacturer of your vehicle knows the vehicle better than independent companies and have probably spent millions crash-testing the parts which make up the vehicle.
  • While some after-market parts may work as well as an OEM part, in other cases, the after-market part may simply not hold up as well. After all, OEM parts are designed, from the ground up, by the manufacturer of your vehicle, while after-market parts are imitations.
  • You know who makes your OEM parts—the manufacturer of your vehicle. You may or may not be sure who is making an after-market part, and since auto parts are fairly complex—and designed to meet specific standards and tolerances—“good enough” may not actually be good enough.
  • Assuming your car appears to be working just fine when you get it back, after the auto body shop uses after-market parts, you may be in for a shock down the road when you try to sell or trade in your vehicle, as a car which has been repaired with after-market parts can be valued significantly below its actual worth.

Is Your Insurance Company Pressuring You to Use “Their” Shop?

You may be hearing some of the following things from the insurance company who is pressuring you to use a specific auto body repair shop:

  • We can’t guarantee your repairs if you don’t use one of our preferred auto body repair shops.” Remember, your warranty comes from the auto body repair shop, not from the insurance company.
  • “You’ll be responsible for any expenses over our estimate if you choose another body shop.” In nearly 100 percent of estimates, the original insurance estimate is simply not adequate to fully cover your damages. Once the insurance company understands what is necessary to repair your vehicle safely and properly, they will generally pay what is required.
  • “If you use an auto body repair shop that is not one of our preferred shops, it could take longer.” While this is generally not true, even if you do have to wait a few more days, the wait could be worth it to have quality repairs done on your vehicles.

Getting the Help You Need Following Your Auto Accident

It is important to remember you have the right to choose your own body shop after a car accident. Perhaps you have a trusted body shop, or you can locate one based on recommendations from friends or family members. If the insurance company is refusing to increase the estimate for the repairs to your vehicle, the body shop manager of the shop you choose can contact the insurance company on your behalf to explain why the added expenses are necessary.

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