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Labor Day Weekend Travel Safety Tips

Labor Day Weekend Travel Safety Tips

man and woman driving in convertible into the sunset | Labor Day Weekend Travel Safety TipsOf all the things you routinely do every day, driving is likely the most dangerous one. In the blink of an eye, everything could change for you and your family. You could be seriously injured or even killed, not only because of another person’s negligence – but also because of mistakes you made behind the wheel. Believe it or not, there are ways you can significantly increase the likelihood of surviving a car accident. What you do behind the wheel IS important. Before you take to the roadways for the upcoming holiday, consider these Labor Day Weekend travel safety tips:

  • Always Wear Your Seatbelt: Half of all vehicular fatalities could have been prevented by wearing a seatbelt, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To wear a seat belt properly, both the shoulder strap and the lap belt should be snugly fitted. This will transfer the collision impact to the parts of your body that can withstand such a force – your hips and shoulder bones. Airbags are not meant to replace seat belt use. On the contrary, they were meant to work in conjunction with seat belts to provide even more safety benefits.
  • Avoid Flying Object Injuries by Doing This: While you can’t always avoid debris or flying objects outside of the car, you can reduce your chances of being injured by flying objects inside of your car. The University of California and Intel conducted a study that found that loose objects inside of vehicles can significantly injure drivers and passengers. Objects such as purses, laptops, cell phones, and books can all become airborne in an accident and cause serious injuries. Before driving, tie down any loose objects or place them in the trunk.
  • Avoid Bracing Against the Impact: If you see the accident approaching, try to avoid bracing your body. While this may seem counterintuitive, bracing against the impact can cause your bones to break or can place your arms in the path of the airbag which can serious injure them. Attempting to duck or move can also mean that you have moved outside of the safety zone created by your seat belt and air bag, thus exposing you to even greater injury.
  • Carry Emergency Tools: Some emergency tools can save your life. If you find yourself trapped in your car after an accident or if you find yourself trapped in a submerged car, there are tools you should have at your disposal. A seatbelt cutter can help you get out of a jammed seat belt. Also, consider purchasing a tool that is designed to break glass so you can escape. These tools can actually save your life if used properly.
  • Carry First Aid Kits: If you are injured in an accident, having access to first aid can significantly improve your chances of surviving your injury. Carry a comprehensive first aid kit in your vehicle, including flares, road lights, hazard sign, bandages and more. Plan for the unexpected & for poor weather as well. In winter, it is wise to carry warm blankets and a bag of road salt should you find your car stuck in the snow or ice. In hot weather, carry extra water in case you find yourself stranded.
  • Look Before You Exit Your Vehicle: If you are injured in an accident, be sure you are aware of your surroundings before you exit the vehicle. Is it safe? What is traffic like outside of your car? It is important to get yourself to a safe location as soon as possible, but be aware of the traffic before you exit.

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