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Do Serious Injuries Only Occur in High Speed Accidents?

Minor Impacts Can Lead to Major Injuries

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic Collision | Minor Impacts Can Lead to Major InjuriesAlthough it seems to be self-evident that greater injuries will occur when the speed and impact of a collision is greater, in truth this is not always the case. In many instances, even when the vehicle’s speed is relatively low and there is little to no damage to the vehicles, these minor impacts can lead to major injuries. In particular, neck injuries can occur during a minor bump-in, causing pain and problems for months or years to come. This phenomenon can be partially explained by the fact that in some vehicles the bumper to bumper chassis may have little to no crushing effect in a crash, yet the high G force could cause whiplash or other serious injuries to the driver and passengers. Unfortunately, the term “whiplash” has almost become synonymous with fraudulent, and this stigma can overshadow the very real consequences of whiplash injuries.

Other Types of Injuries Which Can Result From Low-Impact Collisions

Brain and head injuries are usually associated with high-impact collisions however they can result from a minor accident as well. Many times there may be no overt signs of physical trauma such as cuts or bruises, however the brain may have been jostled inside the skull causing bruising or bleeding inside the brain. These injuries may go overlooked, especially if the person suffering the brain injury does not feel particularly bad immediately following the accident. In fact, a person who has suffered a head injury can appear very normal immediately following the accident, yet their brain can be bleeding, causing pressure to build up inside. The pressure would then reduce blood flow to the brain which would cause the person to begin feeling symptoms. Once the actual symptoms of the brain trauma manifest, the patient can decline very rapidly, and in some cases death can occur.

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Neck and Back Injuries

Neck injuries are also common in all levels of car accidents, but frequently occur in low-impact crashes. The person involved in the accident may have some discomfort in the neck region, yet when they see there is little to no damage to the car, they may be too embarrassed to even mention their pain, and will refuse medical treatment. As time passes, the neck pain may increase and swelling and tenderness may become evident across the back of the neck. Some victims of whiplash will have muscle spasms in the side or back of the neck, and often it becomes difficult to turn the neck in a normal manner. Headaches may occur, and in some cases a shooting pain from the neck into the shoulders or arms. Back injuries are also common in low-impact collisions and these injuries can also take some time to show up following the accident. Back and neck injuries can cause long-lasting pain and discomfort and requires medical treatment, sometimes ongoing for a considerable length of time.

Why Injuries May Not Manifest for Some Time

When a person is involved in a car accident the body produces a hormone known as endorphins which act like a temporary painkiller. The excitement of the accident and the production of these endorphins can mask your injury symptoms, making you believe you are unhurt when in fact you have suffered minor to serious injuries. Following a car accident, no matter how minor, you should always seek medical attention so a doctor can thoroughly check you out and determine if you have, in fact, suffered any injuries. If you find you have suffered injury from the car accident, you should contact a reputable personal injury attorney as soon as possible so you can receive compensation for your medical expenses.

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