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Safe Driving Tips For Teenage Drivers

Fatal car accidents involving teenagers are now on the rise. In 2015 alone, there was a 9% increase in fatal driving among teenagers. This is particularly upsetting because for years, the number of teenage fatal car accidents was on the decline and heading in the right direction. Now, new research reveals that teenagers drivers are actually more likely to be involved in a serious or deadly crash than any other age group. This is a sobering fact for parents everywhere and one that has safety experts wondering, “how can we keep our teens safe behind the wheel?” Here are some helpful safe driving tips for teenage drivers that all parents should know:

Reasons for Increased Risk for Teens

  1. Distracted Driving – The American Academy of Pediatrics updated its policy on teen driving to focus on the new threats that teenagers face behind the wheel. Most notably – the emergence of smartphones and the distractions of modern day technology.
  2. Poor Enforcement – Even when states have strict driving laws, they don’t often excel at enforcing those laws, including seat belt and cell phone laws. Consistent and improved enforcement of those laws could save countless more lives each year. And as the number of teen fatalities continues to increase, those laws become even more important to enforce.
  3. Inexperience – The American Academy of Pediatrics found that the risk for getting into a car accident is 4x higher for teenagers within the first 18 months of driving.
  4. Taking Risks – Teenagers are notorious for taking risks – even when they are driving. Speeding, driving under the influence of drugs, and roughhousing with friends while they are driving can all increase the likelihood of getting into a serious car accident.
  5. ADHD – Teenagers with medical concerns such as ADHD are at an increased risk for getting into a car accident because of their inability to stay focused and alert while driving.

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Steps to Decrease Teenage Driving Fatalities

To help teenagers gain valuable road experience, every state has some form of graduated driver’s license regulations. These regulations often place restrictions on the number of passengers a teenager is allowed to transport, as well as the hours they’re allowed to be on the road. Curfews are an important part of keeping teenagers out of harm’s way by restricting their night-time driving.

Parents can help their kids stay safe while driving by being proactive and helping them “before” an accident occurs. The AAP recommends the following:

  1. Always encourage teens to wear their seat belts
  2. Remind teens about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and ask them to take the pledge to drive sober
  3. Have them install the Uber or Lyft app on their phones in case of an emergency so they aren’t tempted to get into the car with an intoxicated driver
  4. Go beyond the state requirements for driver’s training and exceed the amount of supervised time you drive with your teenager
  5. Encourage safe routes to school
  6. Obey all local and state curfews

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