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Safe Spring Driving in Colorado

spring-road-hands-on-wheel-sm | Safe Spring Driving in ColoradoWith an early spring gracing most locations across the United States, many drivers will be happy they no longer have to drive in snow and ice. In fact, rising temperatures and melting snow could convince many drivers to get out and go for a drive. Whether you are simply out running errands you have put off, or are taking a well-needed road-trip to relax and have some fun, it is important to realize that there are some tips required for safe spring driving in Colorado, as well as for safe winter driving. There is a good chance there will be some after-effects from winter’s harsh weather, so consider the following tips:

  • Roadway wear and tear. The snow and ice—as well as the sand and salt used by road departments to melt the snow and ice—can make the roads brittle, creating significant potholes. Make sure you are looking out for any road conditions which could have resulted from the severe winter weather.
  • Take your car in for a checkup. You may have used up a significant portion of your battery starting your car during the colder temperatures of winter. When your car’s battery is depleted, the rest of the engine may also have difficulty working correctly. Rather than finding yourself stuck in the middle of the road during a spring shower, take your car in and have it serviced, including a change of oil, and a thorough check of all engine components.
  • Check your wiper blades. If you live in an area where winter weather can be brutal, you may have put your windshield wipers through the mill. Suddenly you find yourself in a severe rainstorm with windshield wipers which are simply not keeping your windshield clear, creating a hazardous driving condition. Inspect your wiper blades after the winter is done, and install new wiper blades if necessary.
  • According to the Federal Highway Administration, rain is a factor in nearly 50 percent of all weather-related crashes. Slippery roads can not only reduce your vehicle’s handling, but can also significantly increase the distance it takes your car to come to a complete stop.
  • If you live in Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas or Missouri—as well as some other hail-prone states—beware of a hail storm which can come on quickly. Even very small hailstones can shatter your windshield, making it incredibly difficult to see, therefore resulting in dangerous driving conditions.
  • Watch out for animals. If you live in an area where animals on the road are a consideration, spring is the prime time you need to be alert. Some animals are emerging from hibernation, while others are entering their annual mating season. This could result in more wild animals crossing streets and roaming around in general. Dawn and dusk are the times when many wild animals, including deer, tend to be the most active.
  • Watch out for cyclists. Spring doesn’t just bring the animals out of hibernation, it also brings bicyclists out in droves. Traffic maneuvers, whether making a right-hand turn or attempting to park, become much more dangerous when bicyclists are present.
  • Check your lights and your tire pressure. Since spring rains can significantly hinder your visibility, it is important that your headlights, parking lights, brake lights, turn signals, taillights and backup lights all work properly. Unforgiving winter weather can result in deflated tires, so check your tire pressure once spring arrives. As an added bonus, properly inflated tires result in more miles to the gallon, so gas won’t cost you quite as much when your tires are properly inflated.

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Most of us will be glad to see spring showers and May flowers take the place of snow, ice and frigid temperatures, but make sure you are driving safely when you take to the open roadways to celebrate the advent of spring.

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