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Tips for Being a Safe and Smart Pedestrian in Colorado

Tips for Being a Safe and Smart Pedestrian in Colorado

Colorado has become a very pedestrian-friendly state, especially in the Denver metro area.  Bikes and motorized scooters are commonly used in the busy downtown areas of Colorado, and walkers are ever present.  So, how do pedestrians stay safe in those car-congested areas? By being smart.

90 pedestrians were killed in Colorado due to traffic accidents in 2018, up 40% from 2015 according to CDOT.  So, we thought we’d share with you the most common errors Coloradan pedestrians make and some tips for both drivers and pedestrians alike, so no one falls victim to a pedestrian related accident injury.  

Frequent Pedestrian Errors and Tips to Avoid Them

Pedestrians have a duty to pay close attention to their surroundings.  Yes, we’ve all heard that the pedestrian always has the right of way. But, we’ve also all heard the retort to that: tell that to the bus.  

Some of the most frequent and very avoidable errors that pedestrians make are:

•   Not following the pedestrian signals- even if the light in the direction you’re traveling is green, the crosswalk signal may still be that big, red hand/DON’T WALK, don’t walk until you see the walking person/WALK signal dedicated for pedestrians.

•   Not paying attention- maybe you’re on the phone, or talking with fellow pedestrians, or simply in a state of serious thought, whatever the case may be, when around cars and not in one, focus on the traffic alone, checking out every angle it’s coming from

•   Thinking you’re in the clear once you’ve decided it’s safe to go in the road- stay on alert the entire time you’re on the road.

•    Not using a crosswalk to get across the street- yes, it may be a time-saver and yes, perhaps you don’t see any traffic, but the fact is, if you’re not at a crosswalk, a driver may not be paying close attention as they should be, maybe they’re backing up, or pulling out of a spot, you just don’t know, so stay in a crosswalk.

Some tips for pedestrians to follow:

•   If it’s dark out, wear light clothes and stay within the reach of the streetlights.

•   Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you.

•   Don’t start walking when the flashing DON’T WALK signal starts, it’s a warning to stay put.

•   Look left, right, then left again and over your shoulder to be sure you’re clear to walk.

•   Keep looking for traffic while you’re on the road.

•   When walking on the street, face oncoming traffic if no sidewalk is available.


Frequent Driver Errors 

It’s not only up to pedestrians to make sure they stay safe on our roads.  The drivers need to bear that responsibility as well.

Some of the most frequent and very avoidable errors that drivers make are:

•   Pulling into the crosswalk area while waiting for their light to change.

•   Not paying attention to surroundings- phones, music, conversation need to be at a minimum or non-existent when there is a heavy pedestrian presence.

•   Speeding up to through yellow lights.

•   Rushing/stepping hard on the gas when the light turns green- go slow and easy here, there may still be pedestrians getting across the street, make eye contact with them so all are aware of each other.

•   Not using your lights when it starts to get dark out.

Some tips for drivers to follow:

•   Always yield to the right-of-way.

•   Pay attention to the signals.

•   Stay focused.

•   Stay patient and use caution, be prepared for pedestrian surprises.

•   Don’t speed or tailgate.


Driver and Pedestrian Need to Stay Vigilant 

The fact is, we share the roads and here in Colorado where it’s almost always sunny and beautiful, there’s an abundance of bikers, hikers, walkers, joggers… It’s on all of us to keep ourselves and each other safe.

As personal injury attorneys in Northglenn, we see our share of pedestrian related accidents and we want to help keep the roads safe so we can all benefit from the Colorado lifestyle.

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