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What Are The 5 Worst American Highways?

The 5 Worst American Highways

red car in ditch next to road | worst American highwaysWhat makes a road dangerous? Is it riddled with potholes; does it have poorly marked signs and dangerous blind curves; or is it always under construction?

Unfortunately, bridges, city streets, and highways all over the country are in a state of disrepair. And with Congress struggling to allocate money to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent, it is American drivers who ultimately pay the price. In fact, it is estimated that poorly maintained roads cost motorists hundreds of dollars annually in additional vehicle maintenance costs, not to mention increased risk of getting into a car accident.

To see which states have the worst driving conditions, Simon Rogers of Google’s News Lab compiled two years’ worth of Waze’s road alert data. In 2013, Google purchased Waze, a navigation app allowing reports of various road hazards to be reported by app users. Among other things, states were ranked by incidence of accidents, road hazards, construction, potholes, and road kill. It’s not a purely scientific study, but see if your state topped any of the lists:

  • Idaho claimed the most notifications for collisions, making it the most accident prone state in the nation. Several states along the Eastern seaboard and Wyoming reported the fewest.
  • In contrast, Wyoming had the most reports of miscellaneous road hazards- potholes, construction, animals, etc. New York State had the fewest.
  • Drivers in Vermont were the most likely to report construction, while southern states reported the fewest road work delays.
  • The most pothole-riddled state isn’t even a state. Waze users in the District of Columbia reported the most potholes. As a state, Hawaii claims the most, followed closely by northeastern states.
  • South Dakota took the prize for the most roadkill.

In regards to accident and injury rate, five highways have been deemed the most dangerous roads in the United States. Here are the 5 worst American Highways:

  • California and Arizona’s I-15. Linking Southern California to Las Vegas, this highway has a disproportionately high number of DUI fatalities, along with a rather large amount of speeding deaths.
  • California’s Route 138. Nicknamed the California Deathway, prior to 2006 it was the location for 56 fatalities and 875 injuries over a five-year period. The road twists and turns through the northeast portion of Los Angeles County and is still responsible for more than 10 deaths annually.
  • Colorado’s Route 550. Curving through the San Juan Mountain passes, 550 is a two-lane highway with no guardrails that reaches two miles above sea level at its highest point.
  • Georgia’s I-285. Spanning 18 lanes at its intersection with I-85, this interstate accommodates over 2 million vehicles daily.
  • Montana’s Highway 2. Perhaps the most dangerous thing about this otherwise unassuming open stretch of flat road is the fact that it may take an ambulance as long as 80 minutes to reach an injury victim. A record-breaking number of fatalities are reported on this highway annually.

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Colorado’s Route 550

Colorado’s portion of Route 550 is one of the most dangerous roads in the country and for good reason. Also known as the Million Dollar Highway, it stretches across Western Colorado through Durango, Silverton, and Ridgeway. The speed limit is only 25, but on some of the hairpin turns, drivers must ride just 10mph. Steep cliffs and the absence of guardrails make it incredibly dangerous – especially at night. It is so dangerous that it is listed on the list of the 12 most dangerous roads in the entire WORLD!

Winter makes many of these roads even dangerous – especially in states like Colorado and Montana where snow and ice may accumulate. When roads like Route 550 are covered in snow or a sheet of ice, deadly accidents often occur – even when drivers are using extra caution and obeying all posted speed limit signs.

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