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Brighton Legal FAQs


Q: How do I pay my medical costs before a settlement is reached?

A: Unfortunately, you’ll have to cover your medical bills until you get your payout. If you have health insurance, you may use such to help pay your medical bills. As part of your car insurance, you may have purchased medical payment coverage, which will also help pay. If you have neither, there are physicians that will wait to be paid until your case settles, but you will most likely need an attorney to enter into such an arrangement. Beware that you health insurance (including Medicaid and Medicare) are legally entitled to be repaid from any money you receive. A skilled attorney knows how and when to negotiate a discounted reimbursement to health insurance companies. At Hull and Zimmerman, these types of negotiations are part of the services we provide to our injury clients.


Q: How can a personal injury lawyer help me with my wrongful death case?

A: If you are a survivor of a family member who was killed because of another’s misconduct or negligence, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death cases are often emotional and difficult for loved ones to navigate. The compassionate team at Hull & Zimmerman is skilled in this type of legal matter and knows how to determine compensation due to lost finances, hardship, and grief. You don’t have to go through this challenging time alone, we’d like to help.


Q: What if I was hurt on the job and a coworker caused my injury?

A: If you were injured at work, workers’ compensation will most likely cover the damages, even if the injury is due to a coworker’s behavior. It’s important to meet with a workers’ comp lawyer after a workplace injury to learn what your options are and how to properly file your claim. You should always get contact information from witnesses and file a report with the manager or someone on duty at the time of the incident. If the injury was caused by someone other than your employer or a co-employee, you will be able to pursue both a workman’s compensation claim and a lawsuit against the responsible party.


Q: What if my employer doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance?

A: Every employer is responsible for having workers’ compensation insurance. Should an employer not have it, you are entitled to bring a lawsuit against the employer or any negligent party involved with your workplace accident or seek additional penalties as part of a workman’s compensation claim.. We’ve helped many employees get the fair compensation they deserve from employers who did not have workers’ compensation. Always file a report with your manager or someone in charge and be sure to speak to witnesses and get contact information if possible.


Q: What if another driver caused my accident, but they don’t have auto insurance?

A: Having vehicle insurance is a law in every state; however, that doesn’t mean that every driver on the road has it. If an uninsured driver caused your auto accident, you may have coverage from your own insurance that will help. At Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., we will fight diligently to get you fair compensation for your losses, exploring all options and resources.


At Hull & Zimmerman, P.C., we are honored to help accident victims in their time of need, and take our responsibility as personal injury lawyers incredibly seriously. We know how important it is for victims to secure the full and fair compensation they need following a serious accident, and that is why we take a hands-on, personalized approach to every case we handle.

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