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bicyclists and their shadows on the road | Broomfield Bicycle Accident AttorneysAs more and more commuters turn to pedaling to work in metro areas of Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver, it becomes increasing important for all road users to know and follow the rules of road sharing.

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On Colorado roads, bicyclists have all the same rights and obligations as motorists.

This means that while motorists should be courteous and conscientious by adhering to traffic signs, signals, and laws of the road, bicyclists have a responsibility to do the same. Below, we’ll outline some of the rules of the road concerning bicycles in the Centennial State and talk about some of the ways motorists and bicyclists can safely share the roads in Northern Colorado.

Traffic Laws for Motorists

Motorists must, by law, give a minimum of three feet of space between the widest part of their vehicle and the widest point of the cyclist when passing a bicycle. Vehicles are allowed to cross a double yellow center line if it is required to allow enough space to safely pass a bicycle on the road.

Bicyclists should be treated with the same respect you would give any other motor vehicle.

Traffic Laws for Bicyclists

Bicyclists should always use the appropriate lane. For instance, don’t go straight through the intersection from a right turn only lane.

Ride in a straight line a minimum of three feet from the curb to make room for dodging road hazards in sharrows or streets with no bicycle facilities. Bicyclists are allowed to ride two abreast as long as the normal flow of traffic is not disrupted.

Riding on the sidewalk is prohibited except where the sidewalk is part of the designated bike route, if you are within one block of mounting or dismounting your bicycle in preparation for parking, or you are delivering newspapers.

Sharing the Roads Safely

While vehicles, bicycles, and even pedestrians all use the same roads, we use them and the right of way differently. That’s why it’s so important to share those spaces responsibly. Here are some tips everyone can use for sharing the road safely.

  • Use caution at intersections. Most bicycle accidents that happen in metro areas of northern Colorado take place at intersections. Vehicles and bicycles should approach intersections carefully, being sure they are visible and always signaling their intentions.
  • Watch out near parking lanes. Motorists should always check traffic before opening their doors and never block bike lanes and sidewalks. Bicyclists should not weave in and out of traffic and should stay alert for vehicles and pedestrians exiting and entering the main roadway. Always ride a car-door width away from vehicles to avoid being hit by a door swinging open.
  • Be careful near alleys and driveways. Visibility can be greatly limited near driveways and alleys. When entering and exiting the main roadway, be sure to check for bicycle and vehicle traffic and pedestrians.
  • Stay aware while riding near buses and light rail. Watch for RTD buses that may occasionally need to cross or move into bike lanes for loading and unloading passengers. When crossing light rail tracks, use care to avoid being caught or slipping in the grooves.

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