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Colorado Multi-Car Accident Attorneys

a car accident in the middle of a traffic jam | Colorado Multi-Car Accident AttorneysA multi-car accident, or chain reaction crash, is an accident that usually involves three or more vehicles. These cars are involved in an accident usually because of a first collision – but finding who is at fault for that first collision can be difficult. And in many cases, there may even be more than one person to blame for the accident and your injuries. In these kinds of situations, working with experienced Colorado mult-car accident attorneys can dramatically improve your outcome.

Multi-car accidents typically occur at traffic stops, on narrow roads or during inclement weather. Typically, the driver who is found to be responsible for the first accident is also likely to be held responsible for the second accident. But each driver may share in some of the fault and in some cases a multi-car accident is merely two accidents that occurred simultaneously. The key is to investigate the accident closely and determine who is truly to blame and thus establish negligence.

Examples of Multi-Car Accident & Negligence:

  • Driver who failed to use brake lights or signals
  • Driver who was following too closely
  • Speeding drivers
  • Texting drivers
  • Public agency that failed to maintain roads or traffic signals
  • Public agency that failed to clear debris

Establishing Negligence is Key

A complex accident requires thorough and skilled investigation and that begins with gathering evidence at the time of the accident. Skid marks, vehicle damage, and debris can be evaluated to determine who is to blame. Eyewitnesses can also give accounts of what happened to help establish negligence. Police reports are also key. Since the police are usually the first to arrive on the scene, they can often establish a clear chain of liability and gathering the police report will help.

Sometimes, however, the police report does not clearly establish negligence. When this occurs, an experienced Northern Colorado car accident attorney can help. Your lawyer will be able to conduct an exhaustive investigation of the accident and build a case that is designed to obtain maximum compensation.

Insurance Companies Don’t Like Settling Multi-Car Accidents

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that insurance companies don’t like settling multi-car accidents easily. In fact, they may purposefully delay or deny claims until a clear liability has been established. Even when liability has been proven, they may still be reluctant to pay accident victims what they need. During this time, many insurance companies shift the blame or attempt to shift the blame to other drivers in an attempt to reduce their own liabilities. That is why it is so important to have an experienced Northern Colorado car accident lawyer on your side from the very start.

In 2003, Colorado changed from a no-fault insurance state to a “fault” insurance state. This gave injured accident victims several options when attempting to recover compensation after an accident. The injured accident victim can file a claim with their insurance company, with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, or can go to civil court and file a lawsuit against the other driver. An experienced Northern Colorado car accident attorney can accurately determine which driver’s insurance company you should file your claim against. It is important to know that many multi-vehicle collisions end up in litigation. This is why having a strong legal advocate by your side is so important.

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