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Is Pokémon Go a Hazardous Distraction?

Is Pokémon Go a Hazardous Distraction?

pokemon go logo | Is Pokémon Go a Hazardous Distraction?

By now you probably think you’ve heard it all. Somehow, though, distracted Pokémon Go hunters continue to amaze us with their antics.

Released on July 6, Pokémon Go has an estimated 75 million downloads worldwide. So now we can add it to the long list of hazardous distractions that already plaque our streets and highways, including everything from talking on the phone, texting, shooting photos or videos, eating, even shaving and applying makeup.

In the month of July alone, 74 Pokémon Go-related incidents were reported in the U.S. Some of those involve crimes, such as robbery- which also makes a great case for paying attention to your surroundings. Nearly a dozen, however, involve injuries caused by distractions while driving and walking.

To help illustrate the level of distraction posed by Pokémon Go, you need to have a basic understanding of how the game is played. For anyone unfamiliar with it, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game for your smart phone. It necessitates fairly constant attention to your screen in order to catch new Pokémon in the real world around you. The app uses a previously designed location-based augmented reality game to draw users to art installments, historical sites, and other real world points of interest. These locations are used as Pokestops for collecting supplies, or Gyms for battling other players.

As if good old fashioned distractions weren’t enough, players are drawn to real world locations that already have a large volume of car and foot traffic, increasing the chances for a collision exponentially. Additionally, lures can be placed at these Pokestop locations which summon more players, thus exacerbating the potential for disaster.

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Read any documented research and you’ll see that Americans don’t need any more distractions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that distracted driving is responsible for 8 deaths and over 1,000 additional injuries every day. Motorists in their 20s are responsible for 38 percent of fatal distracted driving crashes caused by cell phone use, while that same age group accounts for only 23 percent of licensed drivers in this country. According to a Forbes survey, nearly half- 46 percent- of Pokémon Go players are ages 18-29, which, based on NHTSA data, is the prime age for distraction.

It can be argued that there are many benefits associated with the game. It has, after all, gotten people off the couch and into the fresh air, it has focused a renewed interest in local historical sites, and has fostered a sense of community by bringing strangers together for a common goal.

These benefits, however, become marred when the game is not played responsibly, or people allow distractions to get in the way of common sense. If you’re out playing the game, do so cautiously. Stay aware of your surroundings and always watch out for someone else who may not be.

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