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Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney – What You Should Consider

Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

a statue of lady justice | things to consider before hiring a personal injury attorneySelecting the right attorney to represent you after an accident is a big decision. Who you choose can significantly impact your ability to file a claim and collect the compensation you deserve and need to recover. Many factors will differentiate one attorney from the next, but only you can determine which factor is the deciding one. You must choose a personal injury attorney that is the perfect fit for you and your injury and one that can aggressively pursue the maximum compensation after an accident. But what factors should you consider before hiring a personal injury attorney?

Consider Experience

This is probably the single most important factor when choosing a personal injury attorney. While referrals from family and friends are great, the lawyer you choose to hire should have extensive experience representing individuals who have suffered your type of injury or been in a similar accident.

For example, if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident, you wouldn’t want to hire an attorney who has never negotiated or litigated a motorcycle accident case.

Ask these questions when gathering information about the attorney’s experience:

  • Have you ever negotiated or litigated a case like mine?
  • How much experience have you had?
  • Did similar cases go to trial and what were the results?

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Consider Location

The personal injury attorney that will be the best choice is one that has had numerous years representing individuals in your location. Having an insider knowledge of local judges, insurance companies and defendant attorneys can have a significant impact on your case and its outcome. This local courtroom experience is invaluable.

Ask these questions when gathering information about the attorney’s local knowledge:

  • Do you practice in the courthouse where my case will be?
  • Do you know the opposing counsel or attorneys?
  • What was the outcomes of the cases you tried in this courthouse?

Consider Past Transgressions

You have a right to know if your attorney has ever violated or been accused of violating professional rules and laws. While some of this information may be accessible online, you should still ask the lawyer. Ethical violations should be considered very carefully. In addition, be proactive and ask if there is a potential for any conflict of interest with your case. If your lawyer represented the defendant in the past, you should be aware. While a conflict of interest might not automatically disqualify them from consideration, it should be something you consider very carefully.

Ask these questions when gathering information about the attorney’s past transgressions:

  • Have you ever been sanctioned for attorney misconduct?
  • If you have, what was the circumstances and outcome?
  • Do you have any conflicts of interest?
  • Have you represented anyone associated with my injury and/or accident?

Consider Cost

While the majority of personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency basis, it is always good to get an idea of the costs and expenses upfront. When a lawyer operates on a contingency basis, it means that they likely take a percentage of the amount you receive after a successful trial or settlement. Be sure you know how much they are supposed to receive. In addition, ask if they expense everything from photocopying to witnesses. If there are additional fees, it is better to understand them now.

Ask these questions when gathering information about the attorney’s costs:

  • Do you operate on a contingency basis?
  • How much percentage is the contingency fee?
  • Are there other expenses or fees I need to pay?

Consider Case Management

How your attorney manages your case is extremely important. An attorney who doesn’t communicate well, who is not efficient in gathering evidence or in case organization, and who isn’t handling the case themselves won’t be as successful.

As these questions when gathering evidence about how your attorney will manage your case:

  • How long will the case likely take?
  • How will we communicate?
  • What is my role in the case and in preparing for the case?
  • Who will be working on my case?

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