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The 100 Deadliest Days of Summer are Approaching

girl in the car with the key | The 100 Deadliest Days of Summer are Approaching

A computer class for a college student in 1980 would have included a computer, which took up an entire room, paired with programming language and punch cards. Today’s younger generation would have trouble imagining a world without personal computers and smart phones. Tell them phones were once connected to the wall (and if no one answered, you called back later) and you will receive a blank stare of disbelief. Consider just the past fifteen or so years, which have brought us, wireless internet, smart phones, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When you realize just how much these technologies have changed our lives, imagine a decade from now—or even longer.

Today’s teenage drivers have to combat a variety of distractions when they are behind the wheel. They must actively ignore a beeping, ringing cellphone. They must try to block out loud and rowdy friends. And they must do this while attempting to drive a vehicle.

AAA performed an analysis of teenage auto collisions and found that distracted driving caused more than 60% of those accidents. They concluded that cellphone use in particular was responsible for 12% of the accidents. Surprisingly, interacting with passengers was responsible for 15% of the accidents. The teenage brain is unable to deal with so many distractions, especially while they are learning to drive. Novice drivers have a lower threshold for managing distractions and the task of driving. This means that teenage drivers, in particular, are more vulnerable to distracted driving accidents.

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The Top 100 Deadliest Days of Summer are Approaching

Summer is the time teens live for- graduations, pool parties, road trips, and summer jobs- so many fun places to drive other than school. Sadly, with all this new-found freedom and time spent with friends, summer is known for something else as well.

The Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays have historically marked the beginning and end of summer, respectively. In more recent times, however, they also come signify the beginning and end of a tragic time- 100 deadly days of summer, which also includes seven of the ten deadliest driving days every year.

According to data from the National Center for Health Statistics, car accidents are the number one cause killer of young people ages 15 to 20 years. With so many opportunities for teens to be on the road, summer is a great time to remind your young driver about the dangers that come with summer freedom.

Fortunately, statistics also show that teens whose parents set guidelines for them are 50 percent less likely to be in a deadly car crash. Experts recommend that parents create a written contract for their teens to sign. The contract would clarify rules for wearing a seatbelt, keeping the stereo volume low, and turning off the cellphone while in the car.

Parents should never assume their teens know exactly what their expectations are. By putting everything in writing and signing the contract, both you and your teen will have a clear understanding of what their responsibilities are when they’re away from you.

Distracted driving, drug and alcohol use, and general inexperience are all contributing factors in deadly teen crashes. Setting clear rules about these dangers will help keep your teen and everyone else on the road safer. The following statistics can help parents set safe driving parameters for their teens:

  • Because nearly half of car accidents involving teens happen during early morning and late evening hours, parents are encouraged to set driving curfews.
  • Driving with more teen passengers increases a teen driver’s odds of being in an accident. Limiting the number of friends in the vehicle with your teen will keep everyone safer.
  • Texting or talking on a cellphone while driving doubles the risk of being in an accident. Make it clear to your teen that they should turn their phone off while driving.
  • Also, remember that your teen may not always be the driver and that less than half of teens will tell a friend that their driving habits make them nervous. Let your teen know that it’s okay to speak up when a friend’s driving makes them uncomfortable, and that you want to know when their friends drive recklessly.


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