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Distracted Driving and Injuries

Distracted Driving and Injuries - Hull and Zimmerman

Most of us don’t think much about getting behind the wheel of a car, we just do it and assume the best, because more often than not, we arrive where we’re going without incident.  However, as we all know, that’s not always the case.  And with the constant rise of smartphone use, the odds of being injured by a distracted driver are also on the rise.  

Today we’re going to discuss the dangers of distracted drivers, and how their negligence is dangerous to both themselves and others.


Phone Use and Driving

Have you ever been stopped at a red light and immediately grabbed for your phone?  Maybe it’s to respond to a text or to write a quick text?  Have you ever looked into the cars around you and seen literally every driver looking at their phone while sitting at that light?  That’s a problem for every driver and pedestrian around.  

When you take your driving test, the number one rule of thumb is to pay attention to the road.  How can you possibly do that while concentrating on a text message?  Or a game?  Or an email?  While you can’t control what other drivers are doing, you can control what you do.  So, stay off the phone, it can wait (and if it can’t, pull off the road for everyone’s sake).  

If you’re paying attention to the road and the other drivers on it, you’ll have an advantage when it comes to staying safe and getting out of the way of those who are focused on their phones.


Following the Driving Rules

There are many rules and laws when it comes to driving safely.  It’s important to follow them because they’re there for a reason.  So, yes, drive the speed limit, buckle up, engage in safe and proper road etiquette, do it all.  But, again, be on the lookout for those who aren’t because it’s not all about smartphones.  

•  Avoid cars that are driving too fast or erratically

•  Don’t engage in aggressive driving or with those driving aggressively

•  Read the road to avoid quick stops and unsafe lane changes or turns 

•  Follow the direction of any road signs

•  Stay clear of cars that are pulled off to the side of the road

•  Give way to emergency vehicles

These are all givens and you most likely know all of this, but the point is to pay attention to those who don’t follow these rules because your safe driving does not ensure your safety, but paying attention to how others are driving can only benefit you.


Other Distractions

Besides cell phones and rule-breakers, you have a wide variety of other distractions to think about.  A few to be aware of are:

•  Children fighting in the backseat

•  People fidgeting with the radio station or the music on their phone or Mp3

•  Aggressively loud music 

•  Talking with passengers

•  Focusing on the car’s touchscreen

•  Focusing on GPS

•  Eating or drinking

•  Using headphones/earbuds

Of course, you have no way of knowing if someone is taking part in some of these activities while driving, so your smartest move is to be a good driver yourself and steer clear of any vehicles that aren’t following safe driving protocols.  


The Takeaway

Injuries caused by distracted drivers aren’t going to go away anytime soon, so be careful out there.  When drivers aren’t focused on the road, they can’t react as they should and the consequences can be detrimental.  

If you or someone you know has been injured by a distracted driver, it’s imperative to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.  If your injuries require hospitalization, surgery, or you no longer have the ability to work, leading accident attorneys in Thornton, Arvada, and Broomfield CO, Hull & Zimmerman, can help you pursue a personal injury claim that will get you the compensation you’re entitled to.      


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