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Interesting Car Color Facts You Might Find Surprising

Woman and dog in pink car on summer road trip wearing sunglasses | Interesting Car Color Facts You Might Find Surprising

Have you ever wondered whether the color of your car actually means something—or, more specifically, whether it tells something important about you? A new survey found that most of us make specific assumptions about other drivers, based solely on the color of their car. Our assumptions, in turn, have a fairly significant impact on the car market, and, of course, car manufacturers.

One rather puzzling statistic says that sales of white cars have taken a huge upswing over the past few years, among the 18-24-year-olds, with about 40 percent of this age group listing white as their favorite car color. Since most of us would assume this age group would be the most likely to show off their personalities through their vehicle, car manufacturers are not quite sure what to make of this particular statistic, although some believe white signifies “fresh, young and hip”. Below are some additional interesting car color facts that may surprise you:

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  • Those who drive pink cars are more likely to receive a speeding ticket than those in any other color vehicles. You are also more likely to be noticed, and not only by policemen. Unfortunately, pink is the third most likely car color to be involved in a car collision—after beige and brown. Drivers are most likely to describe those who drive pink cars as “funny,” however, and about a third of the respondents believe pink car owners are the happiest.
  • If you drive a silver car—which a large percentage of Americans do—you tend to be more trustworthy and innovative, and like to appear “high class.” On a more practical note, silver cars don’t show dirt as badly as white cars, and don’t get nearly as hot as black or other dark-colored cars. Silver is the third-most popular car color in the United States. Lest you confuse gray cars with silver cars, aside from the color itself, there is a major difference—the gray car driver doesn’t want to stand out, and tends to project maturity, tradition, and caution, while the silver car is sleek and modern—like its driver.
  • Nearly a quarter of all Americans list a black vehicle as “very attractive,” and, overall, black cars are the number one luxury car color, with those who drive them being described as charming, ambitious and intelligent on the positive side…and selfish on the negative side. Those who drive black cars see themselves as important, classic, and in control.
  • Older drivers are most likely to buy a blue car, and respondents said those who drive blue cars are loyal, considerate and kind. “Mom minivans” tend to be blue more than any other color.
  • Beware of green road rage! Those who drive green vehicles are highly likely to experience road rage, and many drivers of green cars describe themselves as impulsive, although green car drivers also tend to have a strong sense of self, and don’t care what others think of them.
  • If you drive a brown car—brace yourself! Brown vehicles are considered the “saddest, most unattractive” car color, with almost a fourth of all respondents saying they think those who drive brown cars are also unattractive. Brown cars are the second most likely car color to be involved in a minor driving accident, with beige cars coming in at number one.
  • Men tend to find drivers of red cars the most attractive, while both sexes described drivers of red cars as “angry” and “adventurous”. If a man chooses a red car, he is showing his status in life to the world, and if that red car also happens to be a flashy sports car, he is “flexing his muscles” on the road. Women, on the other hand, choose a red car simply to show they are confident and fun.
  • Yellow appears to be the happy color, with about a third of all respondents saying those who drive yellow cars as the happiest drivers around. Those who drive yellow cars tend to have a positive attitude, and those in their 20’s are the most likely to drive a yellow car.

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Of course, many of us who bought a pre-owned car may not have had all that much control over the color of our car, although some drivers absolutely refuse to buy a specific color of car, no matter how good the deal.

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