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Are Commercial Truck Drivers Getting Enough Training?

Commercial truck drivers must go through weeks of specialized training in order to obtain their commercial driver’s license. However, is this enough training to adequately prevent serious and catastrophic trucking accidents from occurring? Are commercial truck drivers getting enough training?These are the questions facing trucking safety experts across the country. This is because there has been a steady and growing trend in trucking fatalities in recent years, largely due to distracted driving, driver fatigue, and inadequate training.

Before hitting the open road in Colorado, truck drivers must obtain a commercial driving license by passing eye examinations, road tests, and written tests. There are also special endorsements that drivers must obtain if they wish to transport hazardous materials or passengers. Typically, truckers will enroll themselves in a trucking school that will train them for up to 4 weeks prior to obtaining their licenses. Truck driving schools must follow the U.S Department of Transportation Proposed Minimum Standards for Training Tractor Trailer Drivers. This means they must perform 150 hours of basic semi-truck training, as well as 150 hour externship and 80 hours of advanced training.

Unfortunately, investigations have uncovered the grim reality that many truck driving schools cut corners when training potential truckers. They have manipulated documents to make their training appear better than the reality. They’ve added hours onto records to push drivers out of their classes and onto the road faster than is recommended. They may even skip over topics that are vital to preventing serious trucking accidents. This increases the risk on our roads and poses a danger to everyone driving.

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Why do Trucking Schools Cut Corners?

Truck drivers are in high demand these days and there is actually a shortage of truckers. According to the American Truckers Association, more than 50,000 truckers are currently needed to help transport the amount of goods and services our nation requires. This increases the pressure on schools to get their drivers out on the road as soon as possible and trucking companies often encourage this. Inexperienced truckers who have not had practical trucking education in the cab of a truck can be a liability on the road.

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