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New Texting Law in Colorado Raises Concerns

New Texting Law in Colorado Raises Concerns

business man in expensive coat texting and driving | New Texting Law in Colorado Raises ConcernsIt is hard to imagine that, as widespread as the data which proves the dangers of texting and driving is, that lawmakers would pass a bill making it legal to text and drive. Interestingly, a new texting law in Colorado raises those exact concerns. While signs above Colorado highways warn drivers that “New texting law fines increased to $300,” what the signs fail to mention is that texting while driving in Colorado is now legal—so long as you don’t text in a “careless or imprudent” manner.

Increased Penalties for Careless Driving at Odds with New Texting Law

Not only will a ticket for careless driving in Colorado cost you $300, you will also be awarded with four points on your driver’s license. But, the act of texting is no longer considered careless driving—unless you are doing it in a careless manner. Colorado lawmakers defend the move, saying it should not be illegal for a driver to send a text to a spouse or family member when they are stuck in traffic, and that only those drivers who are clearly acting in an unsafe manner should be punished for texting. Of course, drivers who are stopped while texting are not really the problem—it’s those who continue to text while driving 75 mph down the freeway.

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Colorado Lawmakers Sending the Wrong Message?

Many Colorado officials find the new law allowing texting and driving almost unbelievable, particularly since most other states are making tougher laws for cell phone use while driving, not to mention that one report coming from Colorado stated there are 40 crashes per day in the state caused by distracted diving. Unfortunately, police officers will face more difficulties in issuing citations to drivers who are texting and driving, and there will be more legal challenges in court. The big question is whether it is even possible to text and drive in a safe manner.

Colorado Police Officers Can Find It Difficult to Cite a Driver for Careless Driving

Thankfully, Colorado lawmakers did not make it legal for drivers under the age of 18 to use a cell phone. The new laws require that a police officer must actually witness a driver texting, rather than having other drivers “tattle” on the offender. Next, in addition to seeing the driver texting, the police officer must also witness the driver exhibiting some manner of careless driving.

Under Colorado law, careless driving is defined as operating a motor vehicle “without due regard for the width, grade, curves, corners, traffic and use of the streets and highways and all other attendant circumstances. Practically speaking, careless driving generally involves committing more than one traffic infraction at the same time, such as tailgating and exceeding the speed limit. It is also important to note that “texting” is defined as manual typing of any sort—whether you are putting an address into your GPS, entering a phone number or sending a text or email.

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