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When an 18-Wheeler Rolls Over

Semi truck going fast on interstate highway | When an 18-Wheeler Rolls OverAs you might imagine, any time a large commercial truck is involved in an accident there are likely to be serious injuries or fatalities, however when an 18-wheeler rolls over, the devastation can be truly tragic. In 2014, eleven percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths occurred in a large truck collision. Ninety-seven percent of vehicle occupants killed in a two-vehicle crash which involved a large truck and a passenger vehicle were occupants of the passenger vehicle. Trucking accidents take the lives of more than 5,000 people, each and every year in the United States however the majority of these accidents could be prevented. Rollovers happen quickly, leaving the truck driver and the drivers around him or her without sufficient time to react.

What Causes Rollover Accidents?

A force known as lateral acceleration works in a large truck to both cause and prevent a rollover truck accident.  Lateral acceleration can keep a truck standing, or work to turn it over.  Rollover threshold is the term used by engineers and trucking experts to measure the risk of a rollover. RT is the largest level of lateral acceleration which the vehicle can withstand before it turns over. Consider that for the average pickup or car the amount of lateral acceleration it can withstand is 1.3 while a fully loaded tractor-trailer has an RT of .28. This gives you a good idea of how easily a truck can actually be involved in a rollover accident.

The center of gravity is another issue with large trucks which can contribute to rollover. Any commercial truck with a relatively high center of gravity traveling the roads with an extremely heavy load has a greater chance of a rollover accident. Similarly, the space between the tires can also influence the rollover risk; tires which are set more closely together result in a greater risk of rollover. Trucks which are exceeding the posted speed limit, or driving faster than conditions warrant are also more liable to be involved in a rollover accident, since high speeds have an effect on lateral acceleration. Roadway hazards such as sharp turns are well-known to cause truck rollovers, especially in trucks with heavy or unstable cargo.

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Poorly Maintained Trucks and Road Conditions Cause Rollovers

Improper maintenance can be directly related to rollover accidents especially when tires are not at their optimal inflation rate, brakes performance is poor, or the truck suspension has undergone damage. Steep downhill grades in an overloaded truck are responsible for a certain number of rollover accidents, since brakes can be severely strained on such a road. Inclement weather can make it extremely dangerous for truck drivers, causing them to lose control of the truck due to an icy road or poor visibility.  When truck drivers have not been properly trained or do not have the experience necessary, rollover accidents are a strong possibility, leading to serious injuries or death.

Trailer Issues in Rollover Accidents

A big rig pulling a trailer is much more likely to be involved in a rollover accident due to the wide variance of rollover factors between the truck and the trailer. The driver making a turn in a commercial truck can generally “feel” the proper speed he or she should be making the turn at, however the lateral acceleration for the trailer could be completely different. Should the driver make a turn too sharply or too quickly, the trailer can rollover, pulling the tractor or cab into the rollover as well.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of factors involved in rollover accidents. When a truck is involved in a rollover there are usually many vehicles around them which are also involved. If you’ve been involved in a truck rollover accident, you need reputable legal help in order to receive compensation for your injuries. You may have extensive medical expenses, lost wages and many other damages through no fault of your own. An experienced personal injury attorney with a background in trucking accidents can be your most important advocate during such a difficult time.

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