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Insurance Settlements and Your Rights

Insurance Settlements and Your Rights

Following an auto accident in which you are the victim, the at-fault driver should give you his or her insurance information. It is then your responsibility to file a claim with that person’s insurance company, which will assess how much compensation you deserve.

After getting this figure back, you have the option to accept the settlement or to decline it. If you accept the settlement, then you receive compensation from the insurance company. If you decline the settlement, then you do not receive compensation from the insurance company.

What Happens When I Accept a Settlement?

When you accept an insurance settlement, you will:

  • Sign a release of liability
  • Receive a check for your injuries
  • Start looking for an auto repair shop

The most important part of the settlement is the release of liability. When you sign a release of liability, you agree to release the at-fault driver from all responsibility, meaning that you cannot sue the driver for additional compensation.

This is significant for several reasons. When you release the individual from liability, you cannot sue if the insurance settlement was inadequate. Additionally, you cannot sue for additional compensation if you suffer delayed symptoms for injuries sustained in the accident.

Accept or Decline?

Deciding whether to accept or decline is entirely your decision. If you feel that the insurance settlement is inadequate, then you may wish to decline the settlement and sue instead. By suing, you may win more compensation, though you also run the risk of losing your case and being left with nothing.

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