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Answers to Trucking Accident Questions You Need to Hear

truck speeding down highway coming towards viewer | Trucking Accident Questions

Over fifteen million trucks travel the roads of America each year. Because of the obvious size difference between an 18-wheeler and a typical passenger car, the drivers of these trucks have a particular responsibility to protect the other drivers. Unfortunately, this does not always occur and devastating and catastrophic trucking accidents occur each and every year as a result of truck driver and trucking company negligence. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to trucking accidents in the United States.

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How big is the trucking industry?
The trucking companies, warehouses and private sector in the U.S. employs an estimated 8.9 million people employed in trucking-related jobs; nearly 3.5 million were truck drivers. Of this figure UPS employs 60,000 workers and 9% are owner operators.  LTL shippers account for around 13.6 percent of America’s trucking sector.

How many trucks operate in the U.S.?
Estimates of 15.5 million trucks operate in the U.S.. Of this figure 2 million are tractor trailers.

How many truckers are there?
It is an estimated over 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S.  Of that one in nine are independent, a majority of which are owner operators. Canada has in excess of 250,000 truck drivers.

How much Revenue does the trucking industry produce?
Total revenue estimates are 255.5 billion. For Hire or Common Carriers Trucking companies generated revenue estimated at 97.9 billion. More than air transportation by 18 billion. Private Fleets generated revenue estimated at 121 billion.

What are some accident statistics?
Estimates of 41,000 to 45,000 traffic deaths occur every year within the U.S.. Walkers and bikers account for 15% of the total traffic deaths each year. Fewer than 9% of those deaths involve commercial vehicles. More than 80% of those accidents are the fault of the non-commercial driver. Of those death related accidents only 4% of trucks are fatigue related. Drinking related accounted for .06% of those accidents.

How many total drivers (commercial &civilian) are in the US and how many total accidents happen?
There are more than 200,000,000 licensed drivers in the United States. (As of 2003 we’re close to a yearly 7 million motor vehicle accidents, involving well over 3.5 million injuries).

An interesting note.
In 1896 there were only four cars registered in all the United States. Two of them collided with each other in St. Louis.

How many accidents are alcohol related and what days do most accidents happen?
Up-to-date statistics clearly reflect that 1 out of every 5 Americans are involved in an alcohol-related car crash at some time in their lives and the day in which motor vehicle accident injuries occur most often is Saturday. Sunday is second.

What speed can an injury occur?
Records prove that a motor vehicle accident of as little speed as 5 MPH can produce a “whiplash-type” injury.

Can there be after effects from a accident and their effects?
The symptoms arising from an injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident do not necessarily present themselves immediately following an accident. Medical research and clinical experience have accumulated enough information to demonstrate that the delay of an injury symptom is the norm. Studies have established that the delay of a symptom does not eliminate the possibility of severe injury. It’s been proven that individuals can continue to be symptomatic for many months (even years!) after a motor vehicle accident. In addition, approximately 75% of them remain symptomatic for a minimum of 6 months after the accident. (And current up-to-date statistics reveal that between the first and second year after an accident has occurred over 20% of those injured actually have their symptoms worsen).

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