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Catastrophic Motorcycle Accidents are Still Increasingly Common

Biker in sunglasses and leather jacket on the road | Catastrophic Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can have severe or fatal consequences due to the nature of the motorcycle, which leaves its rider vulnerable and unprotected when hit by over 3,000 pounds of steel and glass in the form of a car. Over 8.4 million motorcycles shared the road with passenger vehicles, trucks and buses in 2014, with over a million new motorcycles being purchased every year. As many as four to five thousand motorcyclists die each year in a motorcycle accident, with more and more of those being over the age of forty—the baby boomer generation.

While motorcycle helmet use definitely saves lives, many states have either dropped their motorcycle helmet laws or never implemented them in the first place, while many states only require helmets for younger riders.  There are many ways motorcyclists can improve their odds on the roadways of America, yet some of the responsibility lies with other drivers learning to be more alert in watching for motorcyclists.

Injuries Which Result from Motorcycle Accidents

Since the motorcyclist is woefully unprotected in a collision with a car, bus or truck, it is almost a given that he or she will suffer serious or fatal injuries. Especially in the case of left-hand turn accidents where the auto driver is attempting to get through a turn before the green light changes, the driver may be driving at an increased rate of speed. Such speeds can cause severe injuries to the oncoming motorcycle driver. The driver of the automobile is relatively protected in their “cage” of metal and glass, plus seat belts and airbags, while the motorcyclist has no protection other than a helmet.

Spinal cord injuries, paralysis and brain trauma are common injuries following a motorcycle accident, as are injuries to the back and neck, broken bones and internal bleeding. Should the motorcyclist survive the accident, he or she will face ongoing—and often astronomical—medical expenses which include ongoing and potentially permanent medical care costs. In the case of serious injury, the motorcyclist will likely be unable to work for a significant period of time, and in some cases forever. There will likely be significant levels of pain and suffering as the motorcyclist attempts to put his or her life back together following the accident. Additionally, the damages to the motorcycle can be quite extensive, not to mention prohibitively expensive.

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Getting the Help You Deserve

Of primary importance following a serious motorcycle accident, is seeking experienced legal assistance as soon as possible in order to recover the expenses and damages associated with your injuries. If the other party’s conduct was maliciously or willfully negligent, you may also be entitled to punitive damages, however only a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who is experienced in motorcycle accidents will be able to advocate on your behalf for what you need and deserve.

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